Your Guide to Your Rent Next Rental

When Moving Into A New Apartment

Moving to your new apartment is one of the most exciting phases but at the same time, there is nothing that increases your blood pressure than apartment relocation. But with proper planning, you can make the process go much smoother.

Below is the checklist of what you should do before and during your transition.

One Week Before

  • Make sure to change your driver’s license, mailing addressand insurance cards. Also, check to alter to your prescriptions so you have easy access to medicines.
  • Double-check your moving date and time and keep in mind weather forecast on a moving day.
  • Donate the food items to a food party if you don’t plan to use those in a week.
  • Your packing should be completed a week before moving.
  • Confirm the installation of utilities like gas, internet and electricity.

One Day Before

  • Donate the items you don’t need anymore.
  • Have a final look at your apartment to check the place is spotless.
  • Throw out things like matches, alcohol, and paints.
  • Reconfirm everything with your moving company – date, time, budget and any other special requests.
  • The keys should be in your custody and if not, contact the agent or property landlord.

Moving Day

  • Hand over keys to your old landlord.
  • Check out all the rooms and make sure all the boxes are loaded in the moving truck.
  • Make sure the following before leaving:
  • Lights are off
  • Faucets are not running
  • Windows are closed
  • When you reach, verify that all the boxes make it to your new apartment.
  • Ask movers to place the boxes at the appropriate place while keeping in mind their sensitivity
  • Pay the movers along with the tip.
  • Take pictures of the new place to note down any damage.
  • Unpack your possessions and set your bed.

Congratulations on completing the hardest rite of passage in one of the most competitive Real Estate markets in the United States. Take a deep breath and enjoy your new place.