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Best Time to Rent an Apartment

People go with the flow so does the real estate. Generally, people choose to move in summer and fall which makes the market most competitive and expensive in these times. According to a new study, NY rents are cheaper in winter and renters are advised to move in February, the cheapest month of NY real estate market.

You will get the best deals on rental payments in New York between October and February. Below are a couple of reasons why winter is the best time to move:

  • Prices are lower as compared to the business season when they increase rapidly.
  • The accommodations are easier to find due to less competition.
  • Management companies offer lower fee and additional incentives and they are also willing to pay a broker fee.
  • Empty apartments are the landlord’s nightmare during the off-season. Therefore, property managers do every possible negotiation to rent out their property. And this way you have an upper hand and it is worth negotiating lower rent.

With so many benefits, it is worth moving in winter. Remember, if you are moving in winter on a holiday like January 1, you will face difficulties finding a moving company. Weather is also an issue in winter, so forecast a sunny day and move accordingly.