What is Flexing/Convertible?

An apartment or any livable space that is listed as a convertible 1, convertible 2, And up simply means it has a living space, alcove , home office, any extra room large enough to be converted into a bedroom with a temporary wall.

Temporary walls are most commonly added to save money when sharing an apartment with roommates! They usually go by the word flexing (Flex) or convertible.

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Flex/Convertible Samples

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Walls may not talk, but if they could, they would tell you lots of secrets about surviving in New York City. Apartments in New York City are out of their price range for many people, particularly students or those starting their careers. However, by installing a temporary, or flexible wall, you can "flex" a one-bedroom into a two, or a two bedroom into a three, four, even a Loft into a one bedroom enabling that hefty rent to be split among roommates or you just want to make your space more useful.

What People Say About flexing

“Amazing!” Product: T walls

Ashley Gold

“Added the space we needed”
Product: Straight wall

Mitch Robenson

“Cheap and easy to do”
Product: Book Shelf Wall

John Roberson

T-Wall Flex

A T-Wall Flex is when you divided space into two extra rooms

Book Shelf Wall

Make your more useful by having a custom book shelf to divide the space.

Straight Wall

Straight walls is very common wall fixture. Where you are only adding one additional room.

Sliding Wall

Sliding walls can allow you to open the room in full. With a more open feel

Lego Wall

A fun do it your self. No tools are required for installation or removal. Anything you've built can be taken apart and re-assembled again, and the pieces can be re-used to construct other objects

Walk Around Wall

Common wall that landlords allow. It is two walls that stand adjacent to one another but with space between so you can literally walk-about them in a z shape.



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If you are new to NYC housing market. You would soon learn that “flex” doesn't refer to an apartment with muscle but rather to a studio, one-bedroom , two-bedroom, or three bedroom Apartment Spacious enough to be converted up one level with the addition of a pressurized wall or fixtures. Another word for flexing is Convertible.

On this current rental market, it may be possible to find a Convertible one-bedroom in a full-service(luxury) building south of 96th Street in the $3000 per month range, But finding a comparable two-bedroom unit in this price range and location is extremely unlikely. For couples, the potential to flex an apartment, whether it is rented or owned, is also appealing, since it means the option to stay exists if and when they decide to start a family.

When considering a flex, make sure you ask these questions upfront:

  • If you hope to gain approval for a wall before renting or buying, know where the wall will be installed and who will likely be contracted to carry out the work. Bear in mind that if you’re looking to add a bedroom, it will need to meet the legal definition of a bedroom as defined by the New York City Housing Authority (in a one- or two-bedroom unit, the room will need to occupy at least 80 square feet of floor space and have at least one regulation-size window).
  • Even if a wall can be installed, carefully consider whether or not flexing the unit will meet your needs. What are your priorities? Soundproofing or light? In an ideal world, no one would be forced to choose between these two seemingly essential features, but this is New York City where housing compromises are a way of life. While a pressurized wall offers better soundproofing, depending on the availability of windows, the wall may block out most or all of apartment’s natural light. If light is a priority, a sliding door wall may be preferable.
  • What is the likely long-term return on investment? If you’re an owner, consider whether or not the wall will add value to your apartment. If you’re a renter, consider whether or not the cost of installing a wall, which will likely run between $700 to $1,500 depending on the type and size, can be recuperated. Renters may also want to consider the relative benefits of investing in a more expensive sliding door wall, which can be moved and remodeled, versus a pressurized wall that will become a permanent feature of the apartment.

You can hire a contractor to install a wall that uses the pressure from the floor and ceiling. Typically, these can be erected in a few hours with the help of companies in the city who specialize in building flex or pressurized walls.

Once you start searching online for NYC apartments for rent, you will occasionally see listings that announce, “Opportunity for flex 2 bed,” or 2 bedroom / flex 3 bedroom apartment.” This means that the “flex 2 bed and above” it is really measured to be divided. Just Read the description tp indicate “flex apartments” in.

Under is the floor plan of a one-bedroom with a sizable living room that can be converted into a two-bedroom apt:

You will lose a portion of the living room as your common space, but this is NY and you cut corners whenever you can.

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