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Our years of experience and relationship with top developers ensure that you'll get the best deal on the best apartment

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With so many Manhattan apartment listings out there, it can seem impossible to make your apartment listing findable

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Our experienced professionals provide a customized experience that ensures you're involved every step of the way.

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We reward all agents each team a buyer or renter leave satisfied. To better serve the public We are on top of all Agents to make all site users they are well represented. With our advance crm we know if all clients are up to date with their search.


We have an algorithm system To help insure the listing Quality is at 100 percent. With this system we are able to insure a realistic listing. With thousands of listings . We had to put together an ai for eyes. This helps great listing to hit the market.


As a Company we want to make sure you are working with the best. With the most experience love agents. We promote and reward them for a job well done. Any agents would go through intense 3 month training on satisfying our users. We are proud to have the best agents.


With a team of devoted experts crm, data managemtnt, ui, ai, seo , jave script experts, Computer science and more experts. We have built tools for agents and users to make their search and job much easier. The tools help the agents be more attentive to the site user.


We are happy to say that we always respond . Rewarding the fastest responding agents your business. This way you get the help you need at the time you need. With our technology we are able to track every agent respond rate to better serve you.


Our main office is located in 25 broadway 9 th floor. We have many offices and we are happy member of the wework community which connects with all 5 boros. So you can find our agents any where! Fast , Smart, Connect, experienced and their for you.