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Financial District

Financial District

The Financial District


The Financial District also known as FiDi is home to many New York financial institutions including the Federal Reserve Bank and New York Stock Exchange. Other than that, Financial District also hosts many other major exchanges like the New York Board of Trade, NASDAQ, and the New York Mercantile Exchange.  Located in Lower Manhattan, FiDi is one of the busiest places of New York in term of business activities. The district has played a vital role in the economic, cultural and social development of the entire United States.

As of 2017, the population of the district is 57,627 and with each passing day, more people are moving to this epitome of finance. FiDi is also home to institutes like the Chamber of Commerce and Federal Hall, which are still playing a role in the economy of the US.

Financial District is like a heaven for the youngsters as you will get plenty of opportunities to showcase your skills in the financial industry. People are buying and renting property here. There are handful of facilities in this area including restaurants, post offices, and grocery stores.

The ambience of the Financial District

FiDi is the heart of commerce, finance and culture in New York City. The financial institutions of the city comprise of the Museum of American Finance, the National Museum of the American India, and the Museum of Jewish Heritage.  

According to the report of NYC Health, “8% of residents of the Financial District live below the Federal Poverty Level; it has one of the lowest poverty rates in NYC. And only about one in twenty Financial District adults ages 16 and older are unemployed”.

There are a couple of skyscrapers in the city like World Trade Center, 70 Pine Street, 30 Park Place, and 40 Wall Street. The Financial District is also consist of many media companies including American Media Inc., The Daily Beast, and Conde Nast.

Due to business activities, FiDi is singlehandedly represented NY City as a lively center of commerce and finance. The Financial District is famous for Wall Street and most of the people live here are entrepreneurs and CEOs.  Although it is primarily known for commerce the city has plenty more to offer in terms of incredible buildings, stunning architecture, fine dining and the bridges.


Many things have changed since the foundation of New York City, but one thing that does not change is the status of the Financial District as a centre of business activities. The old name of New York was New Amsterdam but in 1864 its name was changed.

Back in 1904, the first NYC subway company, Interborough Rapid Transit, started its working in the district and later made FiDi home of business and commerce activities. If you want to explore the history and beauty of the district, you must visit St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The Buildings

85% of the buildings in this area are 50 or more units. Buildings in FiDi are full of amenities and kissing the clouds. Most apartments are equipped with high-end appliances, ceramic tile bathrooms, and finished oak floors.


In a city full of facilities, attractions and employment opportunities, treat yourself to home. In Financial District, you will get every possible facility that will make your lifestyle even better and refreshing. So what are you waiting for! Visit and see how comfortable your living can be in FiDi.