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Rental Apartments in Tribeca, New York

Zoned in a trapezoid, Tribeca means "Triangle Below Canal Street." It is famed for its industrial warehouses restored into stylish lofts, and popular with many celebrities. Full with world-class eating and shops, the area is ultra-chic, including an assortment of luxury, riverfront apartments available for rent.


Tribeca is regarded as an exquisite get away from the rush of metropolitan life. In addition to its tree-lined avenues and beautiful landscaping, Tribeca attracts many families for its proximity to Hudson Park and several award-winning public schools.


If you love being able to get what you want when you want it, then you'll be delighted to hear that Tribeca stores, cafés, and bars are open even later than most in the rest of Manhattan. However, you won't discover many nightlife scenes. Late evenings in Tribeca tend to be more low-key.


The area holds the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival every year. Numerous, conveniently accessible subway stations give many Tribeca residents easy commutes every day. Residents also enjoy proximity to the Holland Tunnel, the Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Park, the Borough of Manhattan Community College, and much more.


The Tribeca's Boundaries

Tribeca is located on the boundary between SoHo and the Financial District. It stretches from Canal Street south to Vesey Street and west to the Hudson River. Canal Street is the southernmost point of the park. Take a left on Chambers Street and cross the West Side Highway to take in the breathtaking Hudson River Park and River Promenade, stretching from Battery Park City to Chelsea Piers and beyond.


Buildings in Tribeca

Tribeca, New York, is known for its cobblestone walkways, world-renowned restaurants, and ancient warehouse buildings turned into multimillion-dollar apartments. It has around 17,000 people and hosts the Tribeca Film Festival.


How Can Nyrentownsell Help Find the Best Rental Apartment in Tribeca, New York?

Whatever brought you to Tribeca, NYrentownsell is delighted to have you as a new neighbor! Visiting the Tribeca for work or pleasure is now more convenient than ever, thanks to our creative approach to apartment searching and the addition of new kinds of lodgings, such as apartments and corporate rentals for business visitors. Continue reading to learn how to see the Tribeca from a whole different viewpoint!


How to Find Rental Apartments in Tribeca?

Even the tiniest studio apartment rental in Tribeca can set you back at least $3000 a month. Tribeca's inexpensive artist apartments are a thing of the past. Because of this, the area has become noted for having some of the city's most expensive apartments, and by a significant margin.


It's possible to find a Tribeca townhouse or even a co-op on the rental market, but it's unusual. Typically, you'll be looking at high-rise apartment complexes with luxury units that rent for a premium price. It might be challenging for those seeking a rent-free residence to locate an affordable studio apartment for less than $3,000.


Tribeca's most affordable rental apartments may be found in buildings like 111 Worth Street, located between the Civic Center and the Financial District. Independence Plaza, a complex of three high-rise towers and numerous smaller buildings with townhouse-style apartments for rent, is typically the best choice for individuals searching for inexpensive living in the center of the area. 


Assuming you have the money, you'll be able to find a Tribeca loft or a Tribeca luxury apartment in a white-glove building with top-notch facilities. 88 Leonard, Tribeca House at 50 Murray, and Barclay Tower, which is less centrally placed, are Tribeca's most significant luxury apartment complexes with no fees.


No Fee Rental Apartment in Tribeca

You'll be amazed at how Tribeca, New York City, contains 30 no-fee rental apartments and Rent by owner buildings where you may rent directly from the owners without paying broker fees.


FAQ - Tribeca Rental Apartments

What is the average apartment rent in Tribeca, NY?

Tribeca, New York, has an average apartment rent of $5,323 per month. There are various apartments in Tribeca, New York.

What is the average studio apartment rent in Tribeca, NY?

The average rent price for a studio apartment in Tribeca, New York, is $6483. 

What is the average 1-bedroom apartment rent in Tribeca, NY?

As of January 2022, the average monthly price for a one-bedroom apartment in Tribeca is $1,674, about 50% more than the average rental price in New York City.

What is the average 2-bedroom apartment rent in Tribeca, NY?

The Rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Tribeca, New York City, is $7,985 a month.

What is the average 3-bedroom apartment rent in Tribeca, NY?

Currently, Rent for 3 bedrooms apartments in Tribeca, New York, is on average $16,792 a month.

How expensive is renting an apartment in Tribeca, NY?

The typical rental apartment in the Financial District, New York, NY, is $4,358 per month, more than the national median Rent of $1,469. In addition to the rental fee, you must include in the expenses of essential utilities, which include water, waste, electricity, and natural gas, among other things.

Tribeca's Apartment for Rent, New York, Rent Ranges

The lowest apartment for rent in Tribeca, New York, is available for $2,300 a month, while the most expensive unit is available for $3,500 per month.



A new perspective on Tribeca, New York living from a Nyrentownsell apartments

Tribeca is a densely populated metropolitan area, and most people rent their dwellings. Bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks abound in Tribeca. Tribeca is home to many young families and liberal professionals. Tribeca's public schools are among the best in the city.

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An apartment rental is often more cost-effective than a hotel room when traveling for an extended period. Additionally, our representatives are well-versed in dealing with the landlord and the tenant's employer. What we do is all about the personal touch of a human connection!