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One Company – Many services (NY RENT OWN SELL)


We provide exclusive transition services to our corporate clients. Tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, NY RENT OWN SELL provides the commitment of a successful relocation with strict compliance and clear communication. We are working on a mission of providing cost-effective and high touch transitions to our clients. For NY corporations, we are a trusted relocation services provider, ensuring a safe and successful relocation to anywhere in New York.

With our innovative thinking, thought leadership and accumulated knowledge, NY RENT OWN SELL distance itself from other companies. We understand that shifting a business means shifting of families and there are dozens of utilities which need to be addressed. Therefore, our corporate plan includes facilities like secure housing and schools registration.

To ensure success, our talented team is focused on providing top-to-bottom relocation services to fit the unique needs of our clients and their families.

Getting to Know our Clients

It all starts with a conversation. Our experts will discuss the details of your transition and your expectations for it. We call this conversation 'Employee Pre-Decision Counseling' which comprises of:

  • Pre-search survey
  • Informational packet explaining the process
  • Directory of local services
  • Translation services will be retained as needed

NY Rent Own Sell working group consists of professionals with diverse background and fluent in many other languages including Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and French.


Finding your perfect home

Following Employee Pre-Decision Counseling, our expert team with the help of our deep roots and technology will look for a suitable real estate in New York that best matches the lifestyle and needs of your employees. Our primary services include:

  • Housing market overview
  • In-depth market data reports
  • Cost-of-living analysis
  • Property search/coordination of showings
  • Property and tenancy management services

Moving out is a breeze

NY RENT OWN SELL offers a range of destination and transition support services to successfully relocate your employees in New York. Our logistic services ensure the assignees and their families settle down comfortably into their new life, and these services include:

  • Property management
  • Home sale assistance
  • Disconnecting utilities
  • Mail forwarding

Education & Activities

New York City is full of vibrant educational institutes. At NY RENT OWN SELL, we have committed schooling connoisseurs that can provide Educational Services to meet schooling objectives of your kids. We also offer suitable schooling options assimilating Educational Services with Settling-In assistance.

Short-term Housing

If your corporation needs temporary corporate housing for relocating employees, don’t worry we will cover that for you. NY RENT OWN SELL is your reliable corporate housing mate during the relocation process. With well-established relationships with notable hotels in New York, there’s no need to worry about how to cope with temporary relocation housing for your employees. So, enjoy a discounted 30-day stay in NY’s luxury furnished apartments with us.

Helping you settle in

There are no hidden charges at NY RENT OWN SELL and like other companies, we do not charge for additional real estate transactions. Being a corporate, it is harrowing to deal with logistics – so to make life easy for your employees in a new city, our team has developed a hit list to assist with these logistics. Along with the free estimate, we offer following free services:

  • Utility set-up
  • Assistance in identifying low-cost interior designers
  • Driver’s license applications
  • Credit card applications
  • Cell phone assistance
  • Post Office procedures
  • Insurance information and registration assistance
  • Welcome perks and activities for kids Guides to:
  • Fine dining
  • Activities
  • Doctors/hospitals
  • Social networks

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