Real Estate Services

Modern-day Real Estate has made destination search a piece of cake but finding the right fit for you and your family can still take a lot of effort and time. RosNyc is aware of your needs and with our Real Estate service, we’ll fairly explain the options available to you.

Our global network supports the full life cycle of an international assignment. From pre-move planning to safely transporting and storing your personal belongings, we will assist you throughout your international program. Our corporate teams offer full support for all multinational companies in every sector. RosNyc expertise in worldwide mobility is demonstrated by delivering upgraded outcomes for companies and employees across the globe.

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Visa and Immigration

We are a global strategic partner and provide immigration advice to help our clients avoid immigration risk and potential disruptions.

Setting in & Orientation Services

A new place comes up with new challenges and RosNyc mobility support program ensures destination services like preview trips & orientation tour, school search, settling-in assistance, temporary housing, home finding and much more.

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