Your privacy matters to us.

This privacy statement describes how we get information, use, and safeguard information, use, and exchange personal information of you when you use our services ("Services"). "We," "us," and "Rent Own Sell" refer to and any of our corporate affiliates and partners. This privacy policy is for users of our Services.

What Data We Collect & Why

On our website and when delivering our services, we use cookies and similar tracking technologies. These technologies collect information about your visits to our websites, such as your IP address, computer model, operating system, browser type, and other similar data. They also track internet and electronic activity, such as the amount of time you spend on our website, the sites you visit, and the links you select. Tracking technologies allow us to link your website activity to your account when you log in to our website.

When you create an account, we collate your name and email address. If you provide details about your real estate agency, we will collect your job information. We collect other personal information you choose to provide, such as a photo, upload a profile photo, and gender, to provide it for our roommate matching services. We collect information about your internet or electronic activity while you are logged in, such as where you click when using our Services.

When you pay to post a listing, you become a customer. In addition to the information gathered when you create an account, we collect debit card or credit card numbers and postal addresses. In addition, for security reasons, we check your identity using government identification such as a passport or driver's license. Your government identity information is not retained or stored by us.

We can use the given information to:

Provide Services

  • Authenticate you when you log in, enable you to communicate with other users, and operate and maintain the Services
  • Communicate with you about the Services
  • Provide user support to resolve technical issues you encounter, respond to your requests for assistance, analyze information, and repair and improve the Services


  • Email newsletter subscribers with updates on Services features

Internal Research

  • Analyze user activity data to determine where we need to improve user and customer experience

Detect security incidents

  • Verify accounts and operations, keep an eye out for illegal or fraudulent activity, and report violations of Services policies.

Where We Collect Personal Information

When you create an account or communicate with us through our website, mobile application, or email, we collect personal information directly from you. On our website, mobile application, and email, we collect this information using cookies and other tracking technologies. We can also obtain your IP address from your internet service provider.

How We Share Personal Information

We depend on service providers and other third-party services to help us conduct critical business functions. We do not share any information unnecessarily.

What We Share Who We Share It With (by category)
  • Business Communication and Collaboration Tool
  • Data Storage Services
  • Finance and Accounting Tool
  • Hosting Service Provider
  • Payment Processor
  • Security and Compliance Provider
Photo (Visual Information) Gender
Employment (Real Estate Agency)
  • Data Storage Services
  • Hosting Service Provider
  • Product Infrastructure Tool
  • Security and Compliance Provider
Debit card or credit card information
  • Finance and Accounting Tool
  • Payment Processor
Passport or driver's license number
  • Security and Compliance Provider
Internet or Electronic Network Activity
  • Ad Network
  • Data Analytics Provider
  • Data Storage Services
  • Hosting Service Provider
  • Product Engineering and Design Tool
  • Product Infrastructure Tool

Children's Privacy

We do not accept users under the age of sixteen. We would never knowingly obtain (or sell) personal information from individuals under the age of 16. We will remove personal information given by a child under the age of 16 if we become aware of it.

CCPA Notice

By completing this form, you can exercise certain consumer rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Your CCPA rights are outlined in greater detail below.

Right to Know

You have the right to request information about the categories and particular pieces of personal information we have gathered about you, as well as the sources of that information, the commercial reason for the collection, and the types of third parties with whom we share or sell it. If you have more than two requests in 12 months, you will be charged a small fee for this service.

Right to Deletion

You have the freedom to have all of your details deleted. We will remove from our records any personal information that is not necessary for the regular operation of our company and will guide all of our service providers to do the same.

We consider data to be vital to the activity of our company if it is used to:

  • Provide you with products or services
  • Detect and fix protection or functionality-related issues Nondiscrimination Right

If you exercise your consumer rights in the following manner:

  • We will not refuse to provide you with products or services
  • We will not charge you a different price or cost for goods or services, either by using discounts or other incentives or enforcing penalties.
  • We will not provide you with inferior products or services.

Do Not Sell My Info

We do not offer any personally identifiable information about you, such as your name or contact information. We do, however, enable advertising networks such as Facebook and Google to collect information about your electronic behavior while on our website. Via cookies and similar tracking technologies on our website, Ad Networks can also collect IP addresses and information about your user and browser (such as your device's name and model number). They use this information to target you with advertising after you leave our website. This practice is referred to as "retargeted ads." According to the CCPA's expansive concept of "selling" personal information, this type of advertisement may be considered a "sale" of your data. If you do not wish for this detail to be shared with our advertisers, please click here to opt-out:

Authorized Agent

You can appoint an approved agent to submit CCPA requests on your behalf. This can be accomplished by authorizing an agent to act on your behalf in writing; the agent would be required to check their identity with us. Agents appointed according to a power of attorney are excluded from giving written consent but must provide documents establishing a power of attorney. We may refuse a request from an agent who does not have evidence of your authorization for them to operate on your behalf.

Request Verification

We need to verify your details before we can respond to any CCPA requests. Verification is critical for stopping fraud and identity theft. The verification process varies according to the type of request you submit. We can require a higher level of verification for requests to access sensitive information or to remove data. Typically, identity authentication would require you to validate some aspects of your identity based on the data we have collected. For instance, we can request that you respond using the email address associated with the name we have on file. If we cannot do a verification of your identity, we will be unable to process requests to exercise any of the CCPA's privileges.

In certain instances, we can lack a suitable mechanism for verifying a consumer's identity. For example:

  • If a customer submits a request without providing us with sufficient information about them, we will not validate the request.
  • If the only data we have collected about a consumer is gathered through website cookies (i.e., the consumer has visited our website and had no other interaction with us), we cannot associate a requester with the data collected. We cannot verify the request.