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If your employer is sending you to a new place for an assignment, that’s great for your personal growth and experience. However, not everyone looks upon this kind of assignment with pleasure. Many factors come into play and you need to consider several options before moving to a new state or country. What will the living situation be like? What should you pack? What aspects of home life will be impacted? Will you return home? We have addressed these questions in the following section.

Discuss RELO Package Before accepting a Business Relocation

Companies with multiple locations and clients often transfer existing employeesto take short-term relocation assignments. When this happens, a relocation package also known as RELO package is offered by the employer to compensate for the expenses of moving staff. This compensation depends upon your seniority, position, and tenure of stay. Before accepting this package, thoroughly analyze your needs and do some research what you need during a temporary stay.

Change Your Driving License

A new state means a new driving license. Depending upon your new location, you must change your driving license or apply for a new one. Before moving, learn about the license laws, fee and documents required.

Handle Your Post

How to get in touch with your important mails? Possible solutions are:

Change your mail address :

USPS.com/move is the fastest and easiest way to change your mail address and you will get a confirmation e-mail immediately.

General delivery :

If you are moving frequently, General delivery is the best option. With General delivery, you will be able to pick up your mails in the designated post office.

Get a PO Box :

Want security and instant access to your important mails? Get a PO Boxand have a 24/7 access to your mails.

Find Short-term Accommodation

Temporary housing is the first thing to consider before you accept the global assignment. In modern-day Real Estate, many of the temporary apartments are fully-furnished, which is also a great value for those looking for temporary housing as the hassle of finding furniture is removed. Such accommodations charge by night, week, or month – however, the rents are lower if you pay monthly.

What to bring with you?

To decide what you should pack before relocating is a daunting task. Keep in mind the following before packing your goods:

Are your temporary lodgings furnished? :

Most of the rental apartments are fully furnished and some of those also come up with cookware and bedding. So, have prior info about your rental condo facilities and then decide accordingly.

How’s the weather? :

Compare the weather and decide whether you need winter clothing and summer attire or if the temperature is the same, you can get away with a little wardrobe.

Will you be returning to your old home? :

If you have no plans returning to your old home, what to do with furniture and excess belongings? First thing you can do is negotiate with your employer and try to secure compensation for storage cost. Otherwise, you can get the storage services of a moving company until you have made plans for permanent residence.

What to do with your current home?

If you are a bachelor and don’t have anyone who can look after your house and goods, it is better to decide your current home situation. You can rent it out if you don’t want to sell it. And if you are moving temporarily, hire a caretaker to look after your place until you return.

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