8,786 Apartments for RENT in FINANCIAL DISTRICT

Financial District

Financial District

Rental Apartments in Financial District

Known to locals as FiDi, the Financial District is the core of the city's financial sector and is located in downtown Manhattan. As a result of the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in the area, FiDi is considered one of the most significant business centers in New York and the United States. Many different sectors, such as technology, consultancy, marketing, and so on, are also located in the area.


The Financial District's Boundaries

The Financial District may be found on Manhattan's southernmost edge. City Hall Park and Chambers Street are located to the north; City Hall Park and City Hall Park to the west; Chambers Street to the north; and City Hall Park to the north.


Financial District Buildings

A remarkable renaissance has taken place in the Financial District in the years after the September 11th attacks. Residential building has skyrocketed in parts of the area in the last several years. The skyscrapers of FiDi are imposingly tall. Nearly 85 percent of residents in this area live in buildings with 50 or more units. Luxurious, high-rise buildings with a wide range of amenities and features cost a lot of money.


How Nyrentownsell Can Help to Find the Best Rental Apartment in Financial District New York?

Whatever brought you to the Financial District, NYrentownsell is delighted to have you as a new neighbor! Visiting the Financial District for work or pleasure is now more convenient than ever thanks to our creative approach to apartment searching and the addition of new kinds of lodgings, such as apartments in New Jersey and corporate rentals for business visitors. Continue reading to learn how to see the Financial District from a whole different viewpoint!


How to Find a  Rental Apartments in Financial District?

Over 60,000 people live in the area, and if you're searching for an apartment in FiDi, you'll see that it has altered significantly to fit the constantly growing number of people who live there. The area has several grocery shops, post offices, and other up-and-coming restaurants and pubs to choose from. Additionally, other luxury apartment complexes in this area have been recently refurbished. They are jam-packed with amenities. 2 Gold Street, 100 Maiden Lane, and 20 Exchange Place are just a few of the neighborhood's top addresses.


No Fee Rental Apartment in Financial District

You’ll be amazed at how Financial District in New York City contains 32 no-charge apartment buildings, no fee rental buildings, and for rent by owner buildings where you may rent directly from the owners and without paying broker fees.




Frequently Asked Questions about Financial District Rental Apartments

What is the average apartment rent in Financial District, Manhattan, NY?

Manhattan's Financial District has an average rent of $4,188 per month. There are various apartments in Manhattan's Financial District.

What is the average studio apartment rent in Financial District, Manhattan, NY?

A studio apartment in New York's Financial District will cost you an average of $3,272 a month on average.

What is the average 1-bedroom apartment rent in Financial District, Manhattan, NY?

As of January 2022, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the Financial District is  $4,284.

What is the average 2-bedroom apartment rent in Financial District, Manhattan, NY?

Rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the Financial District is $5,279 per month every month.

What is the average 3-bedroom apartment rent in Financial District, Manhattan, NY?

Currently, the average monthly rent for a three-bedroom apartment in the Financial District is $ 8,069, according to data from January 2022.

How expensive is renting an apartment in Financial District, New York, NY?

The typical rent in Financial District, New York, NY is $4,358 per month, more than the national median rent of $1,469. In addition to the rental fee, you must include in the expenses of essential utilities, which include water, waste, electricity, and natural gas, among other things.


Apartment for Rent in Financial District, Manhattan, Rent Ranges

A studio apartment in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York, costs between $3,676 and $6,270 a month on average.


A new perspective on Financial District living from a Nyrentownsell apartments

Financial District is an interesting place in which to live, and it combines hard work with lots of options for exploration, making it an ideal location in the city. Renting a furnished apartment in the Financial District could be a good choice if you want to spend some time in the area. Apartment living allows you to enjoy the city at your own speed and seamlessly integrate with the local culture. A furnished apartment gives you the flexibility to cook at home, get up and go whenever you want, and work from home without having to bother about housework. Many of these accommodations also provide additional storage space, laundry facilities, and free wireless internet access for guests who plan to stay for an extended period of time.

In addition, partnering with NYRentownsell might be beneficial to you. Our firm provides specialist corporate rental services for workers on long-term business visits or relocations because of the Financial District's worldwide appeal. When traveling for a long period of time, an apartment rental is often more cost-effective than a hotel room. Additionally, our representatives are well-versed in dealing with the landlord as well as the tenant's employer. What we do is all about the personal touch of a human connection!