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Also known as ‘The Burg’, Williamsburg is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York City. The area is surrounded by Greenpoint from the north, the East River from the west, Bushwick and East Williamsburg from the east and Bedford–Stuyvesant from the south. Williamsburg is widely known as a place of young artists and hipsters.

The neighborhood remained a house of electroclash and indie rock during the early 2000s. The population of Williamsburg is a mixture of different ethnic groups including Dominicans, Italians, Poles, Jews, Puerto Ricans and Hispanics.


As of 2010, the population of Williamsburg was 32,296 and more than 80% of people here were White.


In 1638, now-called Williamsburg was farmland and it was under local Native Americans but later the Dutch West India Company stole the area. The company then chartered the area along with Town of Boswijck in 1661. After the English takeover, the name of the area was changed to Bushwick Shore.

Present-day Grand Street was a point of trade for local farmers in the early days. In 1802, Jonathan Williams bought the farmland and renamed the area to ‘Williamsburgh’. The neighborhood soon witnessed the incorporation and the development of post office, numerous shipyards and a fire station.

The location of Williamsburg was ideal for the factories as it was located on the East River and soon many factories started their plants here. Due to the industrialization, Williamsburg was separated from the town of Bushwick in 1840. And later the ‘h’ was dropped from its name leaving it just ‘Williamsburg’.

The year of 1855 proved to be a blessing in disguise as the Williamsburg annexed into the city of Brooklyn and then became a part of Eastern District. When Brooklyn became one of NYC’s borough in 1898, Williamsburg became a part of New York City.

The start of the 20th century saw many immigrants move to the neighborhood and most of those were from Europe. The population of Williamsburg grew exponentially from 1900 to 1920 and it became the fastest growing area in NYC by 1917.

Buildings – Flat or Tall?

Williamsburg contains many single-family and row houses but since 2005, many high-rises built here. If you are looking for a rental apartment in this area, don’t hesitate as it is safe to live here.


Adjacent Neighborhoods

Queens, Greenpoint, Navy Road, Bushwick, Clinton Hill and Bedford-Stuyvesant.

What’s here?

Williamsburg is a fast-growing neighborhood known for large groups of young artists and diverse ethnic groups. You don’t need to cross Manhattan as the boutiques, restaurants, bars, and art galleries are plenty here. For concert lovers, Williamsburg offers places like ‘The Knitting Factory’ where you can enjoy concerts every night of the week.

Visit Brooklyn Brewery and enjoy the samples of craft beer. If you are interested in the history of burlesque, visit the nearby ‘The City Reliquary Museum’. Some famous restaurants in Williamsburg are Gwynnett St., Saltie, St. Anselm, and Peter Luger steak house. On Sundays, you can enjoy the festival of Smorgasburg which features dozens of breweries and local foods in packages.