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95 Apartments for RENT in BROOKLYN




Brooklyn is the second-most densely populated borough in New York City. The primary zip code of the county is 112. Its many bridges and tunnels connect Brooklyn with Manhattan.

Demographics & Population

Approximately 2,582,830 people call Brooklyn home. Majority of the residents here are White and other ethnic groups include non-Hispanic White, Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander and Black.

The median house value in Brooklyn is $623,900 and its population density is 35,369/square mile. Multi-family homes are dominant in Brooklyn--over half of its residents live in studio or brownstone apartments.


Brooklyn was founded as a Dutch town named ‘Breuckelen.’ In 1776, the first major war, also known as the ‘Battle of Brooklyn’, was fought here.

Brooklyn developed economically in the first half of the 19th century; it became even more urban with the opening of the New York Navy Yard in X and the development of the East River shore.

Once the Brooklyn Bridge was completed in 1883, Brooklyn was incorporated into New York City.

The neighbors of the borough include Brownsville and Midwood, and people from other states like Chicago, San Francisco and Cincinnati also live here.

Lifestyle and Entertainment

Brooklyn has plenty to offer regarding recreational places. Some notable parks in the borough include:

· Brooklyn Botanic Garden

· Floyd Bennett Field

· Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

· Prospect Park

· Fort Greene Park

Almost 90% of Brooklyn residents use the subway to travel to Manhattan. There are plenty of public transport options in Brooklyn as 19 New York Subway lines serve the county.

Brooklyn boasts a variety of educational offerings, including Brooklyn College, CUNY's New York City College of Technology, and SUNY’s Downstate College of Medicine.

There are lots of diverse shops and restaurants to visit, which reflect Brooklyn’s diverse people and style. Brooklyn also has a very lively nightlife with no shortage of theaters, bars and bistros.

Downtown Brooklyn is flourishing with new buildings and parks. It’s also a great site for opportunities whether you're trying to get a job, start a career, or create your own business. There is no doubt that

this neighborhood’s cost of living has become very expensive however it is worth every penny, keeping in mind everything that Brooklyn has to offer.