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Rental Apartments in Manhattan, NY

The hub of the famous big apple, Manhattan is home to some of New York City's most well-known attractions and sites, including the Empire State Building, Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, and Central Park. It's hard to imagine that Manhattan is an island owing to its dense population, rich attractions, and tall buildings, but it is! And a hefty one at that.

The borough of Manhattan is a magnet for financial, cultural, and commercial. Near the Chrysler Building in Midtown East, you'll find the UN Headquarters. The Apollo Theater, City College of New York, and Columbia University are all located in Manhattan. Locals like attending a Broadway musical in the Theater District and appreciating the vistas of the Flatiron Building from Madison Square Park.


Manhattan, NY Boundaries

Manhattan Island is bordered on the west by the Hudson River and the East River, forming the New York Harbor. North of the island, the Harlem River separates Manhattan Island from the Bronx and the rest of New York City's mainland.


Buildings in Manhattan, NY

Midtown Manhattan and Lower Manhattan are the two primary clusters of high-rise buildings in New York City, each having its distinctive skyline that can be recognized from a distance. Manhattan's Midtown area, the world's biggest central business district, is home to such iconic structures as the Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, the Citigroup Center, and the Rockefeller Center, among many more.


Lower Manhattan is the third-largest central business area in the United States, with 1.3 million people. Lower Manhattan was defined by the omnipresence of the World Trade Center's Twin Towers from its construction in 1973 until their destruction in the September 11th attacks in 2001. 


How Can Nyrentownsell Help Find the Best Rental Apartment in Manhattan, NY?

Finding the ideal apartment in Manhattan may be simple if you have the correct assistance. The process of choosing a suitable apartment will be more difficult if you don't have the proper service or if you decide to go to it alone. Apartment tenants in this city may find it difficult to choose between different apartment kinds, building types, and areas. And even if you locate a rental apartment you want, putting your name on a lease will be difficult if other people enjoy it.


It is our specialty at Nyrentownsell to help our clients navigate through these difficulties. We assist tenants in locating their perfect Manhattan apartment by providing them with the appropriate information, sound guidance, and connections to the right resources.


How to Find Apartments for Rent in Manhattan, NY?

The more moved you are from Manhattan and other fashionable communities in the outer boroughs, the more affordable your rent gets to accommodate your lifestyle. Prepare yourself by reviewing these suggestions for locating an apartment within your budget. Because the leasing process usually starts with the listings for individuals wanting to lease an apartment in Manhattan. We've compiled an enormous database of rental apartments for you to browse through. We've chosen just the apartments in Manhattan that satisfy our high criteria for luxury living, so whether the building is a pre-war monument or a brand new high-rise that has just been finished, you can be confident that they all exceed our high standards for excellence.


No Fee Rental Apartment in Manhattan, NY

You'll be amazed at how Manhattan, NY, contains 1180 no fee rental apartments and Rent by owner buildings where you may rent directly from the owners without paying broker fees.



FAQ -  Renal Apartment In Manhattan, NY

What is the Average Apartment Rent in Manhattan, NY?

The median rent in Manhattan, NY, is $4,140 per month with an average of 702 square feet. There are affordable and more luxurious options for both homes and apartments. 

What is the Average Studio Apartment Rent in Manhattan, NY?

The average rent price for a studio apartment in Manhattan, NY, is $775 and $4,625.

What is the Average 1 Bedroom Apartment Rent in Manhattan, NY?

As of January 2022, the average monthly price for a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, NY, is $3,595.

What is the Average 2 Bedrooms Apartment Rent in Manhattan, NY?

The rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, NY, is between $3,203 to $5,990 a month, which depends on the location you choose from.

What is the Average 3 Bedrooms Apartment Rent in Manhattan, NY?

Currently, Rent for three-bedroom apartments in Manhattan, NY, is between $1,250 and $15,180.

How Expensive is Renting an Apartment in Manhattan, NY?

The average rent for an apartment in Manhattan was a stunning $4,210—by far the most costly in the country, and over three times the national average of $1,463. 

Manhattan, NY's Apartment for Rent, Rent Ranges

The lowest apartment for rent in Manhattan, NY, is available for $4,125 a month.



A New Perspective on Manhattan, NY Living from a Nyrentownsell Apartments

If you're searching to rent an apartment in Manhattan, go no further than us. Even if you only need some guidance in your rental apartment search to get you to your destination as soon as possible, we're here to help. Our pros are well-versed in the ins and outs of every phase of the rental search process, and if you take advantage of our services, you could be renting the perfect Manhattan apartment in no time at all.


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