45 Apartments for SALE in UPPER EAST SIDE

Upper East Side

Upper East Side

Upper East Side

Located between Fifth Avenue and 96th Street, Upper East Side is a neighborhood in Manhattan, NYC. The area is sometimes abbreviated as UES. There are several micro-neighborhoods in UES including Yorkville, Lenox Hill and Carnegie Hill. In the early days, UES was known as the Silk Stocking District. 

In UES, you will find plenty of high-end department stores and luxury boutiques. The neighborhood is best known for its prep schools and upscale real estate. The Upper East Side remained a residential place for many notable Americans families including Carnegies, the Roosevelts, and Rockefellers. 

Buildings – Flat or Tall?

You will find many affordable and spacious apartments in UES. This is an ideal place to live for families looking for a peaceful place.  


Before the start of the 20th century, the neighborhood was full of residents with the people who came here to work. Many houses were built for the middle-class families at that time and the expensive apartments were built along Fifth Avenue. In the start of the 20th century, old houses were torn down and then replaced by elegant residences. 

The neighborhood continued to grow as many schools, museums, churches, and social clubs took hold. In 1913, the introduction of income tax made this place most expensive in the United States and only the wealthiest could afford to live in the Upper East Side. 

Construction of luxury apartments continued as many people showed interest to live in UES. However, this construction halted due to the Second World War. UES remained an area of cultural influence and diversity as it remains home to New York’s top-notch restaurants and nightlife. 


According to the stats of 2016, the population of Upper East Side was 124,231 with a density of 27,000/km2 (71,000/sq mi). 

What to expect?

Unlike other Manhattan area, UES keeps a steady and slow pace. The schools and playgrounds make this place a suburb within a city. The most interesting place to see while living in the Upper East Side is Central Park. For exercise lovers, the park offers a lot of useful facilities. Another famous park in UES is Carl Schurz Park which gives you a scenic view of the river. 

Museum Mile offers a row of beautiful museums like the Met, the Jewish Museum and the Guggenheim. The city feels far away from the rest of the areas, but you will be so taken by the beauty of this neighborhood that you won’t mind its farness from the city. The area across Second Avenue is filled with excellent restaurants and sports bars.     

Real estate near Park Avenue is most expensive but as you move away from the Park, the prices become moderate especially for rental apartments. The place is a heaven for families due to its safe surroundings, numerous playgrounds and up-to-the-mark prep schools. 

For foodies, there is a wide range of restaurants from fancy and expensive to casual and comfortable. With tons of bars, restaurants, cafes, libraries, playgrounds, parks, and museums, there is no reason not to choose this neighborhood as your residential place.