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Battery Park City

Battery Park City

Rental Apartments in Battery Park City, NY

On Manhattan's southwest coast, Battery Park City is a business center featuring skyscrapers and public parks. There are amazing views of the Hudson River and the city from this location, which is situated directly on the river. The 9/11 Memorial, a national treasure, is only a few blocks away from this historic area.

Battery Park, which is on the city's southern edge, provides a clear view of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. However, the era of city parks is far from over. Rockefeller Park and Wagner Park are two other green spots where you may enjoy views of the Hudson River. The Battery Park City Ferry Terminal and other public transit alternatives make commuting a snap in this section of town.

A busy metropolitan region in the heart of New York City is no barrier to living in Battery Park City. Nearby Tribeca, the Financial District, the Two Bridges, and other well-known New York City neighborhoods are all within a few blocks of the property. While this area's streets are lined with apartment and office towers, they're more open than those in other neighborhoods, enabling residents to take in the beautiful skylines without being distracted by traffic.

Battery Park City, NY Boundaries

Located on the southern edge of Manhattan in New York City, Battery Park City is a beautiful spot to reside in for middle-class families. If you are searching for a peaceful area away from the noise and bustle of the neighborhood, then there is nothing that can beat Battery Park City. You will discover visitors in abundance in the daytime in this place. 

Buildings in Battery Park City, NY

The neighborhood used to have few amenities, but today it is bursting at the seams with them. Battery Park City thrived despite the World Trade Center disaster, and today the area is a thriving retail, park, and restaurant district.

This is more like a neighborhood than a city. All the streets and parks are maintained in excellent shape. This is a quiet city, although it's just fifteen minutes from the World Trade Center and Financial District through subway lines close by.

There are several open broad parks in BPC where you may read a book or take asleep in peace. The daytime crowds congregate in public spaces such as plazas and parks, while business people dine out in the afternoons.

There is a riverfront walk and open esplanades for those who like the great outdoors at Battery Park City. This neighborhood has something for everyone, regardless of their age. Boating excursions, courtyard games, and riverbank jogs are available to BPC residents.

How Can Nyrentownsell Help Find the Best Rental Apartment in Battery Park City, NY?

Wealthy tourists come to Battery Park City, New York City's most affluent neighborhood. If you don't have the right connections, finding a place to live on your own might be more challenging.

Different sized and shaped apartments are needed. Some individuals may have difficulty finding a new place to live in if the apartment they want is already occupied.

Customers of NYRentownsell face a wide variety of issues and concerns. You'll discover all the information you need about our Battery Park City apartment complex on our website.

How to Find Rental Apartments in Battery Park City, NY?

The location of Battery Park City may make it tough to find an apartment to rent. It may take some time to discover a website that is easily accessible. Along the way, you'll run across a wide variety of difficulties.

Many New Yorkers can only dream of living in Battery Park City. Within seconds, a suitable location to live may be discovered. Before moving on to other parts of Manhattan, Battery Park City has to be thoroughly studied. Before making a real estate purchase in Battery Park City, New York City, one must do research.

No Fee Rental Apartments in Battery Park City, NY

Battery Park City, New York, has 36 no-fee rental apartments available for $1,200 a month.


F.A.Q. -  Apartment Rent In Battery Park City, NY

What is the average apartment rent in Battery Park City, NY?

Battery Park City's average rent is $3,186, more than the national average. You may expect to pay anything from $3,823 to $6,437 a month for a Battery Park City apartment rental based on the location and size of your apartment.

What is the average studio apartment rent in Battery Park City, NY?

New York City's Battery Park City neighborhood has a studio apartment rental rate of $3,186.

What is the average one-bedroom apartment rent in Battery Park City, NY?

One-bedroom apartment average monthly rent in Battery Park City, New York, is $3,823 as of February 2022.

What is the average two-bedroom apartment rent in Battery Park City, NY?

The rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Battery Park City, NY, is $5,936, depending on the location and size you choose from.

What is the average three-bedroom apartment rent in Battery Park City, NY?

Currently, rent for three-bedroom apartments in Battery Park City, NY, is $6,437.

How expensive is renting an apartment in Battery Park City, NY?

The average rent in an apartment in Battery Park City is $4,155, having a 36% increase from the previous year considering the size, quality, and location. 

Rent Ranges - Battery Park City Apartment for Rent

The average rent range in Battery Park City is $5,731 a month.


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