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How Much Should I Tip Doorman?

Imagine your life in a doorman’s shoes, can you survive? Most probably NOT. Being a renter in a city like New York, you should take care of your building staff. Tipping isn’t a compulsion but it is an obligation. So, it’s time to unfurl your wallets and ignite the spirit of giving.

Services of a Doorman

A doorman is a key man in rental buildings. He/she collects mails for you, sometimes looks after your vehicle, welcomes your relatives and friends, greets during your morning-outs and evening-ins, and most importantly calls you when your pizza arrives. You can thank a doorman for all this by a gentle tip.

How Much To Give?

How much should you tip the doorman? The answer depends on how much a doorman has importance in your life. Do you acknowledge his/her services? What is the quality of the services? There are no standards set how much you should give. Help them according to your budget. Below is a general framework on tipping a building staff:

  • Doorman: $25-$150 on average
  • Resident Manager: $75-$175 on average
  • Maintenance Staff: $20-$30 on average

In all that, don’t forget the non-building staff. A mild tip would do the trick for them. Non-building workers include:

  • Cleaning person
  • Nanny
  • Regular babysitter
  • Mail carrier

In the end, no one would force you for the tip and you won’t lose anything if you do not do it. But your little help can make people smile, so widen your heart and act with a little kindness.