Your Guide to Your Rent Next Rental

Apartment Viewing in NYC

Viewing a rental apartment is a time-consuming task and no one has much time to spare. So, to save your time and energy, we have collected a brief overview of the process and tips on how you can make most of your time viewing rentals.

Preparing the Paperwork

Before you visit the apartment you fell in love during the search, make sure you visit well-prepared. Paperwork is one of the most important things to complete in this regard. Agents will typically call you in their office or any other place closer to the apartment before viewing the apartment. You will be asked to sign the Fee Agreement form at this point and you should not hesitate to do that as signing papers will give the agent the confirmation of his/her payment and he/she will work much harder for you.

You Will Probably Need to Take Time off Work

New York Real Estate market is too quick where rentals come and go in days even in hours. Landlords want to sell their apartments as soon as possible and keeping in mind all this, potential renters also need to act fast. Agents become more reactive to responsive tenants and if you are planning to visit a rental, don’t wait until the weekend and take off time from work to schedule apartment visit.Many buildings don’t allow apartment viewing after 8 pm or at the weekends, so schedule your visit accordingly.

Come with Rental Tool Box

You also need a couple of things other than your physical appearance while viewing an apartment. A list of visiting item should include:

  • A pen and paper to note down anything
  • A digital camera, if they allow you to take photos of the apartment
  • A list of questions to ask from the rental manager

Have a quick look at the Apartment

You’ve paid a handsome amount to the agent, so don’t be afraid and give the apartment the once-over. Check water pressure, open closets, and poke around a bit. Be polite to the property manager and gather as much information as possible. Ask for floor plans of the building, this will give you prior information about the amenities and the dimensions of the rental you are considering.

Last but not the least, be respectful and ask for permission to take picturesif the apartment is already occupied. End your visit with a thanking note and oblige their time and space. With a planned visit, you will get enough information to decide on your next living destination quicker.