Your Guide to Your Rent Next Rental

Get your Security Deposit back

Being a renter in New York City, it is your right to get the security deposit back. A security deposit is one month’s rent you paid to the landlord at the time of lease signing. When you hand over apartment keys to the owner, he/she is liable to pay you with the amount.

Before you ask for the security deposit, make sure you to do the following:

Read the Lease Carefully:

Read the piece of paper you signed when you moved to your dream home. Make sure you didn’t do any violation of the agreement.

Meet the Landlord Directly:

It is always a good idea to ask the owner directly what he/she thinks about the condition of the apartment. If he is not satisfied, do immediate measures to solve the problems.

Walk-Through the Apartment:

Make sure you leave the rental inexcellent shape. And if you notice any damage, note it down and discuss with the owner.

Report Damages:

Throughout your agreement, if you find any mutilation or appliance failures, which aren’t your faults, note them down in the lease so, you have an easy time getting deposit.

Reasons to Hold Back Your Security Deposit

Paying broker fee, security deposit and other fees is a painful situation. And if everything goes well, you will probably get your deposit back once you decided to leave. However, the landlord can only withhold the security deposit if:

  • You didn’t report damages in lease
  • You didn’t read the lease carefully
  • You made unapproved repairs
  • You overused utilities

If the Landlord Refuses To Pay the Deposit

In theworst scenario, if your landlord refuses to pay the deposit unfairly, send him/her a demand notice asking to pay the amount with the statement that you made all the fulfillments. If this doesn’t work, take the matter to a claim court.