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Which Neighborhood is Right for You in New York?

There are many calculations that people make while choosing their living place. Do I want space? How important is it to be close to a park? If you have decided to live in one of New York’s neighborhood, congrats, you’ve made the right decision. NYC is made up of many neighborhoods and if you are moving here the first time, it is impossible to tell the difference between them. And even if you do live in one of the neighborhoods, it is unlikely to keep track of neighborhood’s mood swing.

Before you narrow down your choices, have a look at the following things to consider while choosing a neighborhood.

  • First, know NYC’s boroughs
  • Then, know NYC’s neighborhoods
  • Find out what matters most to you: locality, space, or price
  • Take your public transportation options into account
  • Distance from your office location
  • Do you need peace?
  • How important is being close to nature
  • Walk through the areas you’re interested in before you commit

Finding an appropriate neighborhood in New York is a year-long struggle, so we recommend you visit the neighborhoods in person to get an accurate first-person perception on how you feel. For more information, look into our blog page. You will get all the valuable information on neighborhood atmosphere, history, and public transportation routes. We’ve also collected median rents in the major US cities, you can check it here.