Quietest Neighborhoods In New York City

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Life in New York City may be noisy, sometimes hectic, AND a lot of times, loud.  There’s chaos, hustle-bustle of the traffic lots and tons of tourists, travelers everywhere, and a lively nightlife. And, if you’re preparing to relocate to this city that never sleeps, you should know which neighborhoods and streets are the noisiest in the city.

New York City is loud, and there’s no way to stop it – with around 8 million inhabitants packed into the five neighborhoods, things are likely to get noisy. Yet not all of New York City’s neighborhoods are equivalent when it gets to noise level.

Life in NYC isn’t a stroll in the park, given what all the popular Television shows and American movies may have convinced you. It’s almost difficult to find a good place to stay for which you don’t have to spend your entire fortune because even though you do, you’re going to have to cope with heavy traffic, crowd, increasing living costs, all kinds of pollution because, and not to forget, tons of noise.

NYC is regarded as a city that never sleeps, which is not really a bonus for anyone who is genuinely attempting to get some rest. If you are one of those fortunate people who can afford to stay in a sky-high luxury apartment, far from all the chaos of the streets, then you can thank your lucky stars. And for the typical New Yorker, who sometimes needs to surrender to personal space only to stay in a busy Manhattan neighborhood, noise may be a major put-off.

Since we understand what it is like to reside in a busy and noisy city, surrounded by other residents, we’ve figured out the following are the noisiest neighborhood in New York.


Quietest to LoudestNeighborhoodNoise Complaints per capita
1.Borough Park.00324
2.Brooklyn Heights.00467
3.DUMBO / Downtown.0369
4.Bushwick South.0343

Brooklyn claims to be the loudest neighborhood in NYC in terms of the total number of noise violations lodged between January 2019 and February 2020. There, 73,744 noise-related grievances have been lodged over the last year, a far larger amount than in all of the other neighborhoods.

The largest noise-related problem for Brooklyners appears to fall under the ‘Loud Music/Party’ section, with 47,286 reports lodged since January 2019. This is possibly the most prevalent concern in suburban neighborhoods, accompanied by the problem of knocking or banging noise-Brooklyners lodged 19,779 complaints in this section.

Borough Park is Brooklyn’s calmest area accompanied by Brooklyn Heights / Crown Hill. The loudest community in Brooklyn is the DUMBO / Downtown Brooklyn region accompanied by Bushwick South.


Quietest to LoudestNeighborhoodNoise Complaints per capita
1.Upper East Side.00359
2.Lenox Hill.00437
3.Marble Hill.0481
4.Hamilton Heights.0486

In comparison to the Bronx or Brooklyn, Manhattan definitely happens to be a bit quieter. Almost 56,741 noise grievances were lodged in the district, 32,699 of them landing in the ‘Loud Music/Party’ section.

The Upper East Side is the calmest neighborhood in Manhattan preceded by the Lenox Hill / Roosevelt Island area. Hamilton Heights is the loudest community in Manhattan followed by the Marble Hill / Inwood area.


Quietest to LoudestNeighborhoodNoise Complaints per capita
1.Upper East Side.00359
2.Lenox Hill.00437
3.Marble Hill.0481
4.Hamilton Heights.0486

Queens seems to be less loud than Manhattan, and it seems to have reported 55,032 reports since January last year. A majority of all 311 reports fell into the categories of loud music and party noise.

Bayside Hills is the quietest area in Queens accompanied by Elmhurst / Maspeth. Woodhaven is the loudest Queens area backed by Queens bridge.


Quietest to LoudestNeighborhoodNoise Complaints per capita
1.Bayside Hills.00388
2.Elmhurst/ Maspeth.00662
4.Queens bridge.0230

The second-loudest neighborhood in New York City is the Bronx, with a record of 63,998 reports lodged since January 2019. The largest concern here is noise disturbance in the context of excessively loud music or parties because there are 39,679 grievances lodged under this section.

The calmest region in the Bronx is Parkchester with 0.00603 accompanied by Pelham Bay. Bedford Park / Fordham North is the loudest area of the Bronx further led by Norwood (2018-2019 figures)

Staten Island

Staten Island has the least amount of noise disruption-related reports lodged with 311. It might appear like the neighborhood is much quieter than other regions of the city, and there might be fewer parties and loud music going on as well. There were only 8,040 reported complaints at the neighborhood level, with just 5,111 in the loud music and party section.

These are also a number of costly New York City neighborhoods with a lot of noise problems, and paying a fortune for your condo doesn’t guarantee the calmness of the neighborhood. Such areas may have a hefty price tag, particularly because they feature a dynamic nightlife with tons of loud bars and pubs near the area.

There may also be other considerations in per capita noise complaint records. Some neighborhoods in New York City may have a higher population density who are more likely to make official complaints, or if a neighborhood ideals quietness and calmness in general, its occupants may make more formal complaints than that other areas to propagate that atmosphere.


What are Some of the Quietest Neighborhoods in New York City?

Battery Park City, Riverdale, Douglaston, Forest Hills Gardens, and certain parts of Staten Island are known for their tranquil and peaceful ambiance.

What Amenities Can I Expect to Find in These Quiet Neighborhoods?

Parks, low traffic, a residential atmosphere, access to public transportation, and basic amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, schools, and healthcare facilities

Are there Any Downsides to Living in Quiet Neighborhoods in New York City?

Limited nightlife and entertainment options, longer commute times, fewer amenities compared to busier areas, a less diverse cultural offering, and potentially higher costs.

How can I Determine if a Neighborhood is Quiet in New York City?

Visit the neighborhood at different times of the day, talk to local residents, check noise levels during weekdays and weekends, and research online for reviews or noise complaints in the area.

Can I Find Affordable Housing in Quiet Neighborhoods in New York City?

While a few calm areas might be more costly, there might be reasonable lodging choices accessible, like leasing a condo or offering a rental to flatmates. It is essential to investigate various options based on your preferences and budget.

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