12 Of The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Manhattan

By: ROS Team December 9, 2021

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New York City is the obvious destination for those who aim to experience the most civilized lifestyle. Though living in NYC is expensive but you are likely to find places that are quite affordable. Deciding which borough to live in is particularly important as it is going to decide what lifestyle you chose and what immediate surroundings you are looking for.

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Asking the Questions Mentioned Below Before Deciding Where to Move is a Better Exercise:

  • Can you Afford to Live there?
  • How Long do you have to Commute to Work?
  • Are you Comfortable Moving to a New Place?
  • Is it Safe Around?
  • How Cooperative are the People Around?

Do You Know the Best Places to Live in Manhattan?

To talk about Manhattan, it is one of the most loved places in NYC. You are likely to have the best experience of New York life here. The following are 12 of the best places to live in Manhattan.


Broadway is the hallmark of Soho and it is one of the most attractive neighborhoods to live in as well as the most valuable real estate relative to the other neighborhoods. You are likely to find the most cultured places to eat that attract visitors. It is a shopping hub, as well as most of the best dress brands in New York City, are based here.

Navigating through the streets might become cumbersome as SoHo does not follow the traditional style of naming the streets. You shall use a navigation app to find your way in the neighborhood.


This neighborhood is particularly attractive for creative brains and is dubbed as a haven for artists. It has the honor of being home to many famous artists and some 250 art galleries dot the streets of Chelsea which speaks volumes for its tall claims. The neighborhood is frequently dotted with restaurants and cafés.

Upper East Side:

The neighborhood is called “Gold Coast” as rich people who take pride in dressing well reside in this neighborhood.  It is a very populous area and therefore real estate is very expensive here. One-bedroom apartments are found in great numbers. Some of the most expensive schools such as the Spence School and Rudolph Steiner School are situated here. Schooling is considered the hallmark of this neighborhood.

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East Village:

Like Chelsea, it is also known for its acceptability of art. However, it is not as expensive as Chelsea. Therefore, it makes a befitting place for young artists. The neighbor has a high population of immigrants.

Lower East Side:

Though it is not one of the most beautiful areas but quite affordable in terms of money. The area is quite rich in terms of history. There are historic museums and art galleries all dotted in the neighborhood. Because of the number of clubs and bars, late-night life is very attractive. It is quite safe now relative to the past.


It stands for “Triangle Below Canal”. The area is worth every penny if you can finance your living. Once it was sprinkled with warehouses but now it has developed a great deal. Currently, it’s one of the most delightful and happiest neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Greenwich Village:

It is also known by simply “the village”.  Also, one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Manhattan which has pushed the rents higher. It is home to people from all walks of life be it famous artists or excelling professionals. The area is famous for its bakeries and friendly community. Because of the influx of people, space is becoming limited and expensive.

Garment District:

It is the commercial neighborhood of Manhattan. The area is not residential because of commercial activities. Therefore it is very expensive living here. It is advised to invest in the real estate market in the Garment district because rates constantly keep rising. The district is also known as a fashion hub because of the big clothing markets.


It is the largest neighborhood in Manhattan. Though, its history is dotted with dangerous and violent incidents. But it is gradually becoming a peaceful place. It is an area where old and new blend in a perfect proportion and depicts a mix of modern luxury buildings and affordable houses. It has a vibrant community with well-maintained parks.

Kips Bay:

It is a relatively quiet neighborhood. Union square is next door which is famous for its state-of-the-art gyms. Besides the fact the area has a larger number of movie theatres, it does not exhibit the traditional hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

Hell’s Kitchen:

Do not judge the area by its name as it is a cool place to live in. According to the locals, it’s a very fun neighborhood. The area has various theatres and is home to many Broadway and off-Broadway theatres. The name of the neighborhood is now changed to Clinton but most of the locals haven’t started calling by the new name yet.


In NYC, it remains one of the frequently visited neighborhoods for New Yorkers. If you are not annoyed by the people, then it surely is your go-to place. Chinese ethnic restaurants are dotted all over the place. It is also home to the Chinese Museum and art galleries.


Manhattan is full of life and luxury. Step in any of its neighborhoods you would not regret the experience.