Do You Know the Best Places to Live in Manhattan?

By: Abdullah Haroon

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Living in New York City means that living the American dream. However, you have to cater to a lot of questions before taking your final movement such as deciding which borough you should move in. New York City offers of variety of lifestyles depending on what area you chose to stay in. The situation becomes perplexed given the unique character of each borough. If we talk about Manhattan alone, it has more than 50 neighborhoods to choose one.

The best strategy is to do some homework considering your lifestyle, budget, and interests rather than going blank. We have found the best neighborhoods in Manhattan NY for you.

Upper West Side:

Location: Upper West Side extends from central park to the Hudson River on the east and street no. 59th to 110th to the north.

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If you wish to live in Manhattan, then living in Upper West Side shall come on top of your priority list. It offers the most delightful neighborhood in Manhattan. You are going to enjoy the lavish greenery surroundings of Central Park if you crave long walks under trees. It has some of the finest cool boutiques of NYC on Columbus Avenue, and cafes in Amsterdam. The subway lines along Broadway.

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Your budget holds a key if you choose to stay in Upper West Side. It is likely to cost you least $2,500 for a one-bedroom apartment. And if you wish to get entertained with all features and amenities such as the clock doorman apartment, the rent increases as high as over $4,500 per month. However, slightly further from the south, you may get an apartment on average of $2,200 per month.

Lenox Hill on the Upper East:

Location: It extends from the East River to Fifth Avenue to the west and from street no. 60th to 77th to the south.

Lenox Hill on the Upper East showcases uptown life at its best. An avenue such as Madison extends the closest outlook of Park and Fifth with its brand shops.

While the western half of the neighborhood is expensive to live in, the eastern half offers some of the affordable living as per the NYC standards. Living in Lenox Hill is likely to cost you a minimum of $4,500 for a lavish one-bedroom apartment. However, an apartment with compromised features may get you home in a range of $2,200 to $2,600 range.

Washington Heights:

Location: Washington Heights borders with the Harlem River and the Hudson River from east to west and from 155th street to Dyckman to the south.

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Washington heights are worth considering more than any other neighborhood in Manhattan if you aim to have the best experience of life in NYC. It is a deep and romantic neighborhood by every standard of modern outlook as well as it offers extra space in the same budget you require in any other neighborhood. It has a beautiful variety of pre-war apartments with splendid artistic details and depicts the Hispanic touch due to its big Dominican immigrants.

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Washington Heights is home to many Latin restaurants. Met Cloisters is situated in the area which is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art which shows archives of European historical art.

The reason that makes even more sense than the features discussed above is that it is the cheapest neighborhood in Manhattan. You are easily going to get an apartment for a mere $2,200-per-month price.

Battery Park City:

Location: Battery Park City bordered by the Hudson River.

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You shall not have a second thought about moving in here as it is one of h safest surrounding in New York City. The well-planned community extends along the Hudson River and is surrounded by lush plantings. The neighborhood does not possess the traditional hustle and bustle of Manhattan. It is preferred by the families due to Battery Park.

Historically, it was not the first option for shoppers but the scene is gradually evolving because of the opening of huge shopping malls such as Brookfield Place. Due to the recent development of Hub with 11 subway lines, transportation has become more convenient.

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If you wish to move in here, you shall make up your mind of paying a minimum of $2,500 for a single bedroom unit in Battery Park City.

Gramercy Park:

Location: Gramercy Park extends along Park Avenue to the west and is bordered by the East River to the east.

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It has the distinction of Manhattan’s only park with private space. It is commonly known as a rich neighborhood as well as the island’s prettiest corner. Gramercy Park is within a walking distance of Chelsea. People who live here may enjoy Union Square Park and Madison Square Park within a walking distance.

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The area has the finest restaurants in New York and traditional taverns. Living in a small one-bedroom here is likely to cost you $2,500 per month and a luxury apartment with space almost costs $4,000.

Final Thoughts:

Living in Manhattan comes with a heavy cost. However, the experience is worth gold. If you can sponsor your living in NYC, move to any neighborhood of Manhattan, and do not give it a second thought.

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