How to Search an Apartment on NY Rent Own Sell Website Easily

By: Abdullah Haroon

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You have to buckle down to find an apartment in one of the fastest-selling real estate markets in the world. In New York, your dream apartment can come and go in a flash and the time you finalize your living destination, you learn that someone else just signed for it. If you are looking to rent or buy an apartment in NYC and scratching your head how to do that, well, you have done the first thing right – you have come to NY Rent Own Sell which will answer your all the how’s and what’s.

NY Rent Own Sell is focused to provide residents of New York an exemplary and quality environment to live in. With us, you will get the optimum real estate asset value for your personal and professional development. Our objective is to find a home that best-matched user requirements and that too at an affordable price.

Who Uses Our Website?

Anyone looking to buy, sell or rent an apartment in New York can visit us. No matter if you are a home seeker, landlord, or agent, NY Rent Own Sell provides every property official with the best strategy according to their needs.

How Can I Search Apartment on  NY Rent Own Sell?

Here is how you can search for an apartment on NY Rent Own Sell:

Step 1: Getting Access to the Site

First, you need to navigate to On the home page, you will see a search box under Rent, Buy & Sell Apartments in New York. That’s where your search will start.

Search Apartment on NY Rent Own Sell Website 1

Step 2: Create a Search

The searching tool of NY Rent Own Sell is robust and will filter the properties based on your needs. Just click on the search box and you will see a list of all the NY Boroughs with corresponding areas. If you are looking to rent, click ‘Rent’, otherwise select ‘Buy’.

Search Apartment

Step 3: Applying Filters

Once you have selected a location, it’s time to apply filters. Below the search box you will see the following property filters:


– You can select a ‘Studio’ or number of bedrooms from 1 to 4.


– Select the minimum amount of property


– Select the maximum amount of property

No Fee

–Tick the option if you want No Fee Apartments in search results

Use Filters

Step 4: Search Results

Once you have entered the location and applied the filters, sit back and let the listings find you. Within minutes, you will see a list of properties based on your requirements.

Search Results

Click on ‘Check Availability’ on your selected apartment and start your home search with NY Rent Own Sell.

Other Uses

Other than searching for an apartment, there is plenty to do for property officials. From finding a roommate to listing your property and from signing a lease to breaking a lease, NY Rent Own Sell deals with all the hassles of the New York Real Estate market.