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35 Apartments for RENT in GRAMERCY PARK

Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park – a private fenced park – is a neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City. The area is located in Gramercy Park Historic District and the total area of the neighborhood is 2-acre. NYC has only two private parks: one is Gramercy Park and the other is Sunnyside Gardens Park. It is one of the three states in NYC in which people only live around the park.

Due to the small area, the Park is a quiet and safe neighborhood. Many people have positive reviews about this park as Charlotte Devree in The New York Times once said that “There is nothing else quite like Gramercy Park in the country”.

To the south of Gramercy Park is 14th Street, to the east is Third Avenue, to the north is 23rd Street and to the west is Park Avenue South. The adjacent neighborhoods of Gramercy Park are Flatiron District, Union Square, and Peter Cooper Village. In 1966, the boundaries of the neighborhood were decided and then extended in 1988.


In the early days, now-called Gramercy Park was a part of a swamp. Back in 1831, a developer of open space Samuel B. Ruggles proposed the idea to make this place a park. At that time the area was known as ‘Gramercy Farm’ and Samuel bought this farm. Building #34 and #36 in Gramercy Park are the first two apartment buildings built in New York.

The legislation was submitted to run a cable car connecting Irving Place to Lexington Avenue back in 1890 but the attempt vetoed by that time Governor David B. Hill. Another attempt to connect Irving Place to Lexington Avenue was made in 1912 but Gramercy Park Association, now called Gramercy Neighborhood Associates defeated this effort as well.

There is a statue of Edwin Booth in the centre of the Park. Booth was considered as one of the best Shakespeare’s actors in America in 19th century. In 1966, Gramercy Park was designated as a historic district and the boundaries were extended in late 1980s.

Buildings – Flat or Tall?

Buildings in the neighborhood are beautiful, flat and old-fashioned. Living in the park is an amazing experience but it’s too expensive.


Street Fairs, Dining out, relaxing at coffee shops, peaceful walks and jogging. If you are in the town, don’t forget to visit Peoples Improv Theater (P.I.T) where you can enjoy catchy and funny stand-up comedy. 




Famous for its classic townhouses, benign streets, and safe surroundings Gramercy Park is an ideal place to live in Midtown Manhattan. In the streets, you will find plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes. From the entertainment point of view, there is no shortage of trendy concert venues. Gramercy Park Access is a must-see area in the neighborhood. However, the keys are only provided to the residents of the 39 buildings surrounding the park.

Make sure to add Gramercy Park Hotel in to-do list as the hotel is a famous guest place since the early 20th century. In a nutshell, Gramercy Park is one of the best places to live but be aware of the house rents as your pocket may not bear the expense of this neighborhood.