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42 Apartments for RENT in WASHINGTON HEIGHTS

Washington Heights

Washington Heights

Washington Heights

Located in the northern portion of Manhattan, Washington Heights is a neighborhood in Upper Manhattan, New York City. The area is surrounded by the Harlem River from the east, Harlem from the south, Inwood to the north and the Hudson River from the west. The neighborhood was named after Fort Washington – a highest natural point built by the Continental Army to defend against the British forces.

Historically, Washington Heights was destroyed by crime but now it is the 4th safest neighborhood in New York City. Traditionally families are living from generations here but gradually the area is getting fame in young professionals and Columbia University students. The actual area of Washington Heights starts at 155 St. and ends at 193rd Street. For a student looking for a cheap place, the neighborhood is a perfect choice.

Buildings – Flat or Tall?

Most of the buildings here have 5 to 6 rooms and the pre-war apartments are beautifully designed. You will not get cheaper rents in the entire Upper Manhattan.


During 1980s crime and drug epidemic, Washington Heights was effected badly. The main reason behind this was a couple of gangs including the Red Top Gang and the Wild Cowboys. The latter one was responsible for the higher murder rate during the 1980s and 1990s. However, the arrest of police officers involved in drug dealing in the subsequent years changed the atmosphere in the neighborhood dramatically.

The gentrification changed the demographics of Washington Heights as the Dominicans started moving to the other parts of the city. In 2011, according to the crime and safety report of NY Police, Washington Heights was the 4th safest neighborhood in the entire NYC.


According to the 2016 data, the total population of Washington Heights was 201,590 and its density was 45,000/km2 (120,000/sq mi). Almost half of the population here is Hispanic.

What’s here?

By sitting at the highest point in Upper Manhattan, you can enjoy as much as you can expect. Spanish is mostly spoken here as many Spanish families are living here from generations. It’s extremely affordable rents attracts young professionals from entire New York City. There are many interesting places here like the medical center of Columbia University, Fort Tyron Park and the indoor New Balance Track and Field Center.

For history lovers, the neighborhoods offer a couple of historic places like The Hispanic Society of America, Trinity Cemetery, and The American Academy of Arts and Letter.



Check it out

Enjoy the event of Uptown Arts Stroll which takes place in June. Then in February, take part in the Millrose Games at the Armory. In this event, professional athletes and armatures can play alike.  


Get a history lesson at The Cloisters and then enjoy the scenic views of the New Jersey Palisades. Spend your free time by playing tennis in the Greenway. Enjoy your meal at the famous Dominican stalwart Malecon and then soak yourself with a glass of beer at Coogan's. If you love the nightlife, then you would definitely love spending nighttime at La Marina where you will enjoy the lively dance.