Best Neighborhoods In Brooklyn For Families

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Moving with a family can be extremely stressful under any circumstances, as it requires excellent planning. From kids, packing, de-cluttering to finding the right neighborhood, the process is quite overwhelming.

What about moving to a place like Brooklyn? Brooklyn is the home of some 66 neighborhoods. If you are moving to Brooklyn with your family, you must be looking for the safest areas with the best schools, peaceful environment, and family-friendly features.

Luckily, some of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods are great for families. Thanks to the presence of school districts, great restaurants, family stores, vast parks, and business opportunities over there.

There are different types of apartments available in NYC as per the areas.

Here we have rounded up such family-friendly areas in Brooklyn you may want to consider for your family’s living.

Windsor Terrace:

Windsor Terrace is a fresh lease of life amidst the mad rush and din of NYC. The neighborhood wins over the heart with its calm environment. This area is a small community, and the locals are quite friendly. The good thing is that it provides you easy access to public transportation and some hustle and bustle of the city. It’s one of the ideal Brooklyn neighborhoods for families in NYC.

As a bonus, this is a safe neighborhood. The neighborhood hasn’t many bars and clubs; however, this is what to look for in a family-friendly community.

Park Slope:

Park Slope is another residential area in Brooklyn to live with your family. This neighborhood’s streets are lined with strollers. Park Slope offers educational institutions and lush green parks. Although the community is not tight-knit, it unleashes a charming atmosphere. After all, you will be living among families with young kids.

The only downside is that Park Slope is not an affordable neighborhood.


The neighborhood has borrowed its name from its location, Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This erstwhile riverside neighborhood has attracted new commercial tenants and families alike.

Dumbo shares its border with Brooklyn Bridge Park. This neighborhood is expected to get public play space, Bridge Park 2, near the York Street F train station soon. It will offer facilities like swings, a spray shower, new play equipment, and a multi-purpose synthetic turf field. The other addition to the area is a library that is said to be the first new library in Brooklyn in almost four decades.

Dumbo also houses the Brooklyn Children’s Museum along with a popular play area. Plus, the neighborhood also organizes family-friendly concerts and other events.

Bay Ridge:

The shape of Bay Ridge reminds me of chili pepper. It is located in the southwest corner of Brooklyn. It is encircled by Sunset Park, Dyker Heights, the Belt Parkway, the Narrows, and the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.

Bay Ridge has gone through some developments over the years. Although it is not as hip as the Park Slope, it has its charms. Bay Ridge is a beautiful blend of both modernity and old-world charm, giving you a feeling of a small town. The streets are dotted with detached homes, backyards, and garages. It is safe and calm, making it ideal for families.


Williamsburg is a popular place among party animals. Despite that, it is a family friendly neighborhood. Williamsburg is popular among kids for McCarren Park and some high-ranking schools. Its location makes it great for commuting. Plus, you are less likely to get bored with its partying likelihood. The neighborhood is very calming—despite its hustle and bustle. This hip neighborhood attracts the young and is fashionable to its upscale boutiques, buzzy eating outlets, and trendy cafes. The waterfront offers spectacular views of Manhattan and seasonal venues for food markets and concerts.

Another major attraction is upscale high-rise development with a median sales price under $2.5 million while the rent for three bedrooms and two bathrooms are $5,139.

Domino Park houses the play structures mimicking the sugar factor that was once situated at the site, and water features for cooling off. Bushwick Inlet Park is expected to be a key destination over the next two decades, with a kid’s play area and youth soccer.

Williamsburg also houses two movie theaters as well as kid-family concerts with Rock and Roll Playhouse.

Ditmas Park:

The residential and wide streets of this place are lined with ancient trees and charming Victorian houses with porches and landscaped yards. That’s why you won’t believe for a moment that Ditmas Park is actually in Brooklyn. If you are looking for big porches, good neighbors, and a short commute to Manhattan, Ditmas Park is for you.

Talking about the local weather, Ditmas Park looks spectacular when it snows due to open space and greenery. The area gets even more beautiful in the summer and is one of the greenest neighborhoods in New York, often feeling cooler than other communities.

Also known as Flatbush, it boasts Prospect Park, Parade Grounds, and Tennis Center. The other attractions and amenities include restaurants, small shops, Kings Theater, and large retail stores. Lark Café is packed with facilities for toddler entertainment. The B/Q line is available through Ditmas Park. The 2/5 and F/G serve the neighborhood, offering backup options. The B and Q have limited stops, so the trip to Manhattan is quicker than the express 4/5 from Crown Heights. Plus, the neighborhood is also served by frequent bus service.

These are some fantastic areas that are ideal for raising a family in Brooklyn, NYC. What’s your take on our list of best neighborhoods for a family in Brooklyn? Let us know by commenting below!


What Makes These Neighbourhoods Good for Families?

These neighbourhoods are known for their family-friendly amenities, such as parks, playgrounds, and schools. They also offer a range of housing options, including single-family homes and apartments, and are located near public transportation and other amenities.

What are Some of the Best Parks for Families in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is home to many parks that are great for families, including Prospect Park, McCarren Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and Marine Park.

What are Some of the Best Schools in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is home to many excellent schools, including public schools, charter schools, and private schools. Some of the best public schools in Brooklyn include PS 321 in Park Slope, PS 29 in Cobble Hill, and PS 8 in Brooklyn Heights.

Are these Nneighbourhoods Affordable for Families?

The cost of living in Brooklyn can vary widely depending on the neighbourhood and type of housing. Some neighborhoods, such as Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights, are known for being more expensive, while others, such as Sunset Park and Flatbush, are more affordable.

What are Some Other Factors to Consider when Choosing a Neighbourhood for a Family?

Other factors to consider when choosing a neighborhood for a family include the availability of childcare and other services, access to transportation, and the overall safety of the neighborhood. It’s also important to consider the community and whether it offers opportunities for socializing and making connections with other families.

What is the Safest Part of Brooklyn?

according to recent crime statistics, some of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn include:

  1. Brooklyn Heights
  2. Park Slope
  3. Boerum Hill
  4. Carroll Gardens
  5. Cobble Hill

What is the Richest Part of Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is a diverse borough with many different neighborhoods, and wealth can vary widely depending on the area. However, some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Brooklyn include:

  1. Brooklyn Heights
  2. DUMBO
  3. Cobble Hill

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