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Different Type of Rental Properties

So you have decided the neighborhood, now it’s time to choose an apartment. There are a handful of choices when it comes to apartments in New York. Depending on your budget and family size, you will also need to choose what type of apartment to live in. Below is the list of some common terms used for apartments in New York.

Classic Six:

An apartment consists of twobedrooms, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. These much sought-after units also have two-bathrooms and a foyer. Duplex Apartment:As the name suggests, these apartments have two levels connected by an interior staircase.


A studio is a one-room living apartment with bathroom and kitchen. Some studios have a kitchen separate from living space.


Penthouse refers to an apartment that is one the highest floor in a building. Typically, these apartments come up with luxury features and outdoor space.


A living space with no interior walls, high ceiling and wide internal space is called a Loft. Lofts came into the picture when large commercial buildings were converted into residential places.

Family Apartments:

Family needs a couple of bedrooms so family apartments come up with 2-3 bedrooms to accommodate couples and children. A basic family house also has a living room, a dining room and a maid’s room.

Junior One:

This is same as a studio but it has a separate sleeping room.

Garden Apartment:

The bottom floor of a brownstone is a Garden Apartment. It has a backyard and almost everyone has access to it.

Railroad Apartment:

These apartments have a straight floor plan and they have no hallways. All the bedrooms are connected without a foyer.

One or Two Bedrooms:

One-bedroom has a single bedroom with a separate kitchen and two-bedroom is also the same but with 2 bedrooms.

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