Tips on How to Invest in Apartment Buildings in NYC

By: ROS Team

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A universal truth about real estate investments: they never go out of style. Apart from hitting a few rough patches here and there, real estate property values continue to soar.

One of the main reasons people invest in apartment buildings and other forms of real estate is because they are a safe way to earn passive income. There are only so many hours a day a person can work, but investing in real estate offers a way to earn money without clocking in or sitting behind a desk.

For new investors, investment in apartment buildings is the best option. However, investors often have to navigate lots of technicalities and have some basic legal knowledge to maximize the benefits.

Tips for Investing in an Apartment Building:

1) Be a Solo Landlord

Being a landlord is the most common type of real estate investing. It not only requires a financial investment but also demands time and energy as you go through the process of finding a property to buy.

When shopping for an apartment complex to invest in, we strongly recommend hiring a real estate broker or agent. For a percentage of the sales price, you’ll have unlimited access to their real estate expertise and advice. This not only makes the buying process go smoother but also adds value to your knowledge as a landlord.

2) Form a Partnership

If you don’t have the financial capital needed to invest in apartment buildings or in any other real estate property on your own, consider joining forces with a partner to buy the property together.

This option does come with some limitations. For instance, you would lose sole control over what happens with the property. When forming a partnership, the partners’ visions must align when it comes to the goals of the property.

It may be worth the expense of having a neutral third party draw up legal documents related to the purchase so that both partners’ interests are protected.

3) Invest Using Syndication

Syndication means amassing the funds to buy property. This is an excellent option because you don’t have to worry about anything but providing your share of the funds to complete the purchase.

The syndicator, or general partner, makes all the major decisions related to the property and how it’s run.

4) Establish a Real Estate Fund

It’s possible to create a fund from which you can then buy several different properties. The fund manager oversees the fund, determines where the property will be, and when the property will be sold.

Things to Do Before Investing in an Apartment Building

It’s important that you’re certain that you want to take on this type of investment. Then, ask yourself if you’ve done everything necessary to prepare to invest in an apartment complex. Have you researched several apartment buildings? Have you evaluated the pros and cons of investing in an apartment building? Questions like these can help you process your decision.

Lastly, define your budget keeping market and market trends in mind. You can earn a good profit irrespective of how much you invest; you just need to be aware of the market trends so that you can make wise financial decisions.

Positives & Negatives of Investing in Apartment Buildings


  1. Passive Income by way of Monthly Rental Payments
  2. Lower Risk Exposure
  3. Centralized Operations and Efficiency
  4. Tax Benefits
  5. Portfolio Growth
  6. Control Over Property Value


  1. Significant Financial Costs
  2. Management of Vacancies and Tenant Issues
  3. Poor Liquidity
  4. Higher Risk

FAQs – Investing in Apartment Buildings in NYC

Is Investing in an Apartment in NYC Profitable?

The real estate market in New York City has been good for a long time. Within the last 15 years, Manhattan’s average price per square foot increased 5%.

Is Investing in an Apartment Building Reasonable?

Buying a small apartment building in the city would be a great investment. Doing so can benefit you by providing income to reinvest into other ventures and grow wealth.

Can you Invest in an Apartment Building with no Money?

Yes, you can invest in an apartment building with no money but it is not so easy. Well, there are some ways by which you can invest in an apartment building like engaging a financier as a partner. Your partner only invests money and you do all other tasks. Some other ways are loans, private lending, seller financing etc.

But the best way is real estate crowdfunding. It is the most appropriate, reliable and safe way to arrange money. You’ll not need to remain under the pressure of a lender or financer.

Is it wise to Invest in Apartment Buildings?

Investing in small apartment buildings can be more affordable than investing in other types of property, at least at first. They may generate less rental income, but you can still turn a profit.

Do NYC Apartment Buildings Appreciate it?

Yes, the value of NYC apartment buildings increases over time. And apartment buildings are always a good investment and are typically more affordable than other real estate properties.

Where are the Best Places to Invest in Property in NYC?

  1. The Upper East Side, Manhattan
  2. Inwood, Manhattan
  3. Washington Heights, Manhattan
  4. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
  5. Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
  6. Long Island City, New York

Final Thoughts

Investing in NYC real estate is one of the best financial decisions you can make. Although purchase prices for apartment buildings continue to rise, there are several different ways to save the financial capital needed to begin your investment journey.

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