10 Tips for First Time Property Investors in NYC

By: ROS Team

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Buying a piece of land in the capital of the world is a work of art and if you are new to the real estate world, you need to be on a roll for generating great ROI. Day by day, many New Yorkers are investing in property with a dream to become a real estate tycoon but only a few get over the line.

So, if you are looking to test your luck with property investment in the most competitive real estate market in the world, you should be cognizant of the below-mentioned tips.

Tips for First Time Property Investors in NYC

1) Research the Market

Proper and beforehand research is a way to go in any type of investment. So is the case with property – there is a huge risk involved in real estate as the prices fluctuate in no time.

To make sure you vary off-season and to get a great deal of return on investment, you should have a clear picture in your mind about the real estate market of the neighborhood you are interested in.

Attending seminars, speaking to the experts, and searching property listings on NYC property websites can help you in this regard.

2) Go Along with the Financial Plan

This is the biggest hole that you must plug before you set sights on an apartment in Manhattan. Sit down, figure out how much you want to spend, and answer questions: Do I need a one-time investment? Do I need passive income?

If you want to get rich overnight, you may be looking for an aggressive approach – another property vehicle perhaps. Whatever you want, you must set a financial strategy that will help you achieve your financial goals.

3) Choosing the Neighborhood

An investment of $200,000 would not benefit you enough in Hudson Square but get you too far in places like South Bronx. While investing in property, especially in NYC where every borough has totally different real estate prices, you must target the appropriate neighborhood depending upon your budget.

4) Consider Both – Rentals vs. Sales

Renting or selling, which will generate more ROI? There are many areas in NYC where rentals generate more profit than sales and vice versa. Compare and analyze the results in your chosen area and then go with the one generating more revenue.

5) You Can’t Strike Gold Quickly

If you are thinking that property investment is a get-rich-quick scheme, then you are making a rod for your own back. Look at your investment realistically, you can’t build an empire within six or twelve months unless you have loads of money.

Property is a long term investment with long-term benefits and just like any other investment, it also needs time to mature and flourish. So, have patience and look at your real estate venture as a deep-rooted approach.

6) Look for a Reliable Partner

Investing without prior knowledge of the real estate market is never a good idea. Seek help from a reliable investment company that has a proven track record in the niche. As you will spend big, you must have a blind trust in your partner – whether an investment company or real estate broker.

7) Start with a Teeny – Weeny Investment

As it is your first, don’t go too big in the beginning. Staring with a small investment is a safe approach, and if you failed with the first attempt, there is room for another try. A tiny venture will give you a glance at the overall process of investing and many real estate moguls started their dream run the same way.

8) Follow the Business Minded Approach

To stay ahead of the game, you need to adopt a business mindset. Just like you tick all the checkboxes in a company project, the same way you make sure every opportunity checks out. Property investment is a business and it needs a businessman to run it.

But keep one thing in mind, your ultimate goal is to make a profit so make you take appropriate actions to yield maximum return.

9) Enhance Real Estate Circle

Make your presence felt in the market and let everyone know that you are on the brink of the start of the investment journey. Meet with investors and real estate brokers and build up your social profile, because it is difficult, if not impossible, to be successful on your own. And in the city which never sleeps, you will find plenty of people who are willing to lend you a helping hand.

10) Be Aware of Purchase Costs

Buying a property in New York City involves many muted costs like mortgage payments, agent fees, maintenance costs, and property taxes. To manage your finances keep all these costs in mind. You can find all the estimated fees here.


What’s the Best Advice for a First-Time Real Estate Investor?

The key to success as a first-time real estate investor is to be prepared, informed, and disciplined. By doing your research, developing a plan, and building a team of professionals, you can navigate the complexities of real estate investing and achieve your investment goals.

What is the “10 rule” of Real Estate Investing?

The 10 rule, also known as the 1% rule, is a general guideline in real estate investing that suggests that the monthly rent of a property should be at least 1% of its purchase price. For example, if a property costs $200,000, the monthly rent should be at least $2,000 (1% of $200,000).

What is the First Rule of Real Estate?

The “1% rule” in real estate investing is a general rule of thumb that suggests that a property should generate a monthly rental income of at least 1% of its purchase price.

What is the 50% Rule in Real Estate?

The 50% rule is a general rule of thumb used in real estate investing to estimate the potential expenses of a rental property.

Is it Smart to Invest in NYC Property?

Investing in New York City (NYC) property can be a smart investment for those who are willing to take on the potential risks and challenges that come with investing in a large and competitive real estate market.


Buying the first property is always a nerve-racking time and if your desired property is located in New York, then it adds to the tension. But having prior knowledge is key in getting the best possible start. So, buckle down, put your learning gear on and dig deep into the sea of real estate where opportunities are waiting for the rookies like you.

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