Getting To Know Home Types: Duplex Vs. Apartments

By: ROS Team

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If you are searching for a place to live, you will most certainly evaluate several different housing alternatives that are all different sizes. While the majority of the residences’ characteristics will be the same. There are some significant distinctions that you should understand, particularly if you are deciding between a duplex and an apartment.

What is a Duplex?

A duplex is a multi family housing that consists of two units located in the same structure. The floor design of these two apartments is always the same, yet they always share a shared wall. Arrangements may be made with units positioned either side by side or stacked on top of one another, with each unit filling a complete story or two of the structure.

Both apartments are accessible only via their entrances, and there is no internal connection between the two units. If there is any outdoor space on the property, the tenants of the two apartments must share it, or the area will be divided between the two units.

Duplexes vs. Apartment Units

A duplex building is owned by a single individual, who may or may not reside in one of the two flats in the building. The duplex owner leases out one or both of the flats to tenants, depending on the season.

Identical forms of multi-family housing, triplex, and fourplex buildings include three or four apartments, depending on the number of units in the structure.

In various contexts, the term “duplex” might signify different things.

While the preceding description applies to most of the nation, the word “duplex” has a distinct meaning in New York City. A single flat with two stories linked by a stairway is a Manhattan apartment. This is an excellent setting, but it is not identical to the duplex structure that we are talking about here in the first place.

In addition, it is critical to understand the distinction between duplex structures and twin dwellings, which are often mistaken for one another. In contrast to twin homes, which are two half-sized houses joined by a common wall but are located on separate properties, a duplex is a single-family residence on a single lot.

Duplex vs. Apartment

There are significant distinctions exist between duplexes and apartments:

  • Typical Ownership

    A duplex building is generally owned by a single person who could or might not reside in one of the apartments.

  • Deciding on Units

    The owner can rent out either one or both units. Corporations more often own apartment complexes, investors, or a group of people than individuals. When dealing with the number of units, although a duplex is a two-unit structure, an apartment is a unit inside a multi-unit residential building or complex.

  • Square Footage

    The square footage of a duplex is one of the most important differences between a duplex and an apartment. As a general rule, a duplex has more square footage than an apartment. Apartments in the United States average about 900 square feet.

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  • Floor Plans

    If built side by side, a duplex consists of two separate apartments that may occupy two levels of a structure. Ground-floor kitchens and living areas are standard in two-story duplexes, while bedrooms are often positioned on the upper level.

    Despite this, apartments come in various floor layouts, but they all share the same roof. In some flats, the kitchen and living room are merged, whereas, in others, the kitchen and living area are separate.

  • Rent

    Location is an essential element in influencing the cost of living. For this reason, duplexes are more costly than apartments because of the additional square footage they provide. However, if you live in a highly sought-after neighborhood, an apartment may be more expensive than a duplex.

  • Neighbors

    More people reside in apartment complexes since they are more extensive. However, if you live in a duplex, you’ll just share a wall with one other person. You may doubt renting a duplex if you want peace.

  • Location

    Apartments have the advantage of being placed in the heart of the city, while duplexes are more often found on the outskirts or in the suburbs.

  • Amenities

    More facilities, including separate garages, driveways, and in-unit laundry, may be found in a duplex. On the other hand, Apartments don’t always come with these perks.

    You’ll have to share common areas with other tenants if you rent a Shared Space Apartment. When it comes to shared rooms in a duplex, you’ll just have to deal with one set of neighbors.

  • Shared Space

    Typically, duplexes are managed by landlords and apartments by property managers.

Shared Space

Benefits and Drawbacks of Living in a Duplex:

Because of the unacceptably high cost and lack of available inventory in high-density areas such as New York, Boston, and Chicago, detached single-family houses are simply not an option for most people, whether renters or purchasers. Duplexes may provide a desirable middle ground between a detached house and a multi-unit apartment building, but there are, of course, costs and benefits associated with owning any property.

Advantages of Renting a Duplex Over a Single Family Home:

  • Because duplex apartments are more economical to rent than single-family houses. You may be able to afford a more desirable area if you rent a duplex.
  • Compared to an apartment, a duplex gives close closeness to just one more team rather than many other units in an apartment complex. This reduces the likelihood of disagreements or annoyances. When everything goes well, duplex residences can make friends with beautiful neighbors.

Pros of Renting a Duplex

Disadvantages of Renting a Duplex:

If you and your neighbor have very different lifestyles, sharing a lawn, patio, or garage space may be challenging to manage. In contrast to an apartment complex, which may provide common area and outdoor care, duplex buildings may force you to do this work yourself instead of an apartment complex. Since duplex residences are privately held, you may be responsible for yard maintenance and other duties.

Final Thoughts:

As several people share a home, duplex homes are ideal for roommates and families who desire a house-like layout, with more excellent square footage and outdoor space than a standard apartment. Duplexes are cheaper than detached single-family houses. So it might be a sensible option to live in a fantastic community for less money. Make sure you’re prepared to be flexible and friendly with your next-door neighbor.

There are advantages to living in a duplex, such as your garage and yard. Renting a duplex is typically more cost-effective than purchasing a home. Apartments, like houses, have their unique advantages. You have the freedom to choose and choose the rental property you want to use.