Things You Should Know About Garden Style Apartments

By: ROS Team

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Apartment hunting can be an overwhelming experience. Not only does it require a lot of work but it also means looking at a bunch of different options. One of the many apartment options is a garden-style apartment.

What is a Garden Style Apartment?

A garden-style apartment is an outdoor-style garden unit that may consist of a single, two, or three-story building. It is traditionally surrounded by lots of greenery such as trees and shrubs.  Since they are outdoor, they’re mostly found in suburban or rural areas. A building might not have an elevator but does have front parking.


Benefits of a Garden Style Apartment

Access to Nature

The major benefit of living in a garden apartment is the access you have to nature. This is the most popular reason people look for garden-style apartments. After a long and exhausting day, the natural attributes of this type of apartment can help relieve stress and fill you with good vibes.

Stair Free Living

Since garden apartments are not located in high-rise buildings, you don’t have to worry about climbing multiple flights of stairs to get access to your apartment, which can definitely be a plus.

Lower Cooling Costs

Hot air rises, so apartments located on lower levels tend to be cooler. This is especially good for the summer months when outside temperatures soar to uncomfortable heights. Garden style apartments tend to stay cooler, which means less time running the air conditioner and more cost savings.

Lower Rent

Since most garden apartments are located in rural or suburban areas, the rent tends to be cheaper than a similar apartment in a metropolitan area.

No Neighbor Drama

Since these apartments are built in garden-like settings, they are often fairly separate from one another. Instead, you’ll be surrounded by nature, and any neighbors you do have will reside in a unit a fair distance from your own.

Great for Pet Owners

Living in a garden space means access to the vastness of the environment around your apartment. This translates to more convenience for pet owners who will undoubtedly enjoy stepping outside their door to take their dogs for walks as opposed to having to go up and down flights of stairs.

Easy Access to Parking

Garden-style apartments offer onsite parking near your apartment unit. No more having to search for a parking place in a garage or down the block.

Drawbacks of Garden Apartments

Lack of Natural Light

If you have lived in a city where daylight is in short supply during the winter, you might know how inconvenient it can be. Garden apartments often lack natural lighting due to the number of trees that surround them.


You’re likely to feel more moisture in the air of garden apartments, which may become uncomfortable if you’re not accustomed to humidity. To make the situation worse, the added moisture can attract pests.

Lack of Privacy

Living in a garden apartment may mean your sense of privacy is compromised. People outside will be able to see inside your windows, so you’ll want to invest in window treatments to protect your privacy. You may also be more at risk for break-ins since the main apartment entrance is on the ground floor, so installing a security system would also be wise.

Higher Heating Costs

Your garden apartment will cost less to cool but will be more expensive to keep warm since this apartment type is naturally cooler, even in the winter.


Renting a garden apartment is one thing, but you should think twice about buying a garden apartment as an investment property. They don’t attract many buyers, and you would have to reduce the sales price to entice buyers.

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