The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Apartment Gardening

By: ROS Team June 20, 2021

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Even the grittiest concrete jungles need a touch of nature. That’s why they are often surrounded by parks and trees.  And apartment tenants can also partake in the added benefits that only nature can provide by learning how to incorporate a garden from within their apartments.

Why Try Apartment Gardening

  • Health Benefits

Plants are natural air purifiers–they remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Some plants, like bamboo, can also remove toxins from the air. You can also boost your health by growing chamomile, which is helpful for strengthening the immune system, or lavender, which can be made into an essential oil. Aloe plants, which can be used for everything from burns to skin moisturizers,  are also a great option for apartment gardens.

Apartment Gardening Health Benefits

  • Food Source

As cities continue growing, cultivating an indoor garden may help reduce food waste and greenhouse gases generated by large cities. Plus you have the added convenience of having access to fruits, veggies, and herbs without leaving home.

  • The Benefits of Nature

Plants add calm and positive vibes to the home. Research suggests some plants can even enhance your creativity and boost your productivity and cognitive performance as well. You might have experienced this effect firsthand the last time you bought flowers or walked through a park. This is why horticulture therapy is used to help treat schizophrenia, dementia, and depression.

The Benefits of Nature

  • Protect Natural Habitats

Climate change is getting worse, and many insects and animals are on the losing end of this trend. By having a garden, you are helping to preserve the natural habitats of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. These insects are an essential part of our ecosystem and must continue to exist in order to keep our habitat balanced.

How to  Start an Apartment Garden

Here are some things to know before you start your apartment garden: 

  • Find a space in your apartment where sunlight is plentiful, especially if you’re considering growing fruit or flowering plants. Depending on the plant, six to eight hours of direct sun each day may necessary in order to grow and thrive.  Choose a balcony, a window, or the building rooftop as a home for your plants, or choose plants that require less sunlight.
  • Plants take water and nutrients from the soil, so make sure you’re using a specialized pot and potting soil for indoor plants. This is important because potting soil is specially formulated to help circulate air and water to keep roots healthy while growing inside.

How to Start an Apartment Garden

  • Humidity is another factor that affects the growth of plants. If you are growing plants indoors, you might need to provide extra humidity, so keep a tray of water nearby.
  • If you are keeping your plants on the rooftop or in the window, they will be exposed to the elements of nature. You might need to protect them from harsh winds that can tear their leaves.

Apartment Planting Care

If you are going to have an apartment garden, you’ll need to water and feed your plants regularly. Adequate water is essential for ensuring plant growth. As plants grow, the soil will dry out quickly.  Besides watering, make sure you apply the appropriate fertilizers to your plants.

Apartment Planting Care

Indoor plants are vulnerable to diseases and pests. Keep an eye on your plants to look for signs of pests and disease.  A telltale indication of this is spotting holes in the leaves. If necessary, remove the plant and treat it with the appropriate insecticides.


When growing plants, especially fruits and veggies, find out when they can be harvested.  You don’t want to allow the product to become too ripe.


Most people are discouraged from starting a garden in their apartment because they’ve been misinformed about how complicated it can be or fear the plants will die.  But if you choose the right plant and maintain the proper growing conditions in your apartment, you’re almost guaranteed success.