Most Popular Large Indoor Plants

By: ROS Team

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Indoor plants in the most elegant thing you can have inside your apartment. While people are in habit of using plastic plants but they are never a better substitute for natural plants.

We trade off urban greenery to live in metropolitan cities such as NYC. The least we can do is to place indoor plants in our apartment. The truth is you can never have enough of it.

Best Large Indoor Plants for House

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig
  2. Rubber Plant
  3. Calamondin Orange Tree
  4. Jade Plant
  5. Parlor Palm
  6. Dumb Cane
  7. Weeping Fig
  8. Yucca
  9. Lady Palm
  10. Kentia Palm
  11. Money Tree
  12. Chinese Water Bamboo
  13. Peace Lily


Fiddle Leaf Fig:

It is currently the most trendy plant tree which is even featured in top magazines. Its leaves lend elegance which is liked by all. It gives a slim and sleek look initially but a grown-up tree spread its leaves well. It does not require much water but you shall keep good care of it.

fiddle leaf fig plant decoration in the bedroom

Rubber Plant:

In an apparent look, it is quite tall and hard. The best feature of the Rubber Plant is that comes in various shapes and you can choose according to your interior setting. It only requires water once a week.

Calamondin Orange Tree:

Fruit trees usually are better suited for the outdoor environment but it is one exception where it can survive indoors. It not only offers fruit but grows a white flower to add beauty to your room.

Jade Plant:

In its initial days, it is tiny and small but with time, it grows up to become a woody tree full of leafy branches. It grows well in warm conditions.

Parlor Palm:

If you aim to add some beauty to your room, then it shall be your top choice. What makes it an even more convincing option is that it can survive in the lowest light. In addition to it, it is a pet-friendly tree.

Dumb Cane:

The dumb Cane tree is full of lush green leaves in large numbers. It reaches a height of 5 feet once fully grown up. You can easily transfer it from one place to another.

Weeping Fig:

What makes it an obvious choice for indoor plant lovers is its survival instinct in low light. Apart from it, it lends an elegancy to the interior. You do not need to water it more often.


Its best feature apart from beauty is that it is a drought-tolerant tree as it is native to deserts. However, it requires more light than normal to survive and nurture itself.

Lady Palm:

It is a native to Japan discovered some three centuries ago. It is quite slim and sleek and does not create much mess inside. You are supposed to give it water when the topsoil is dry.

living room with decorative palm

Kentia Palm:

It is popular as an indoor plant due to its stylish looks. It stays happy in good light but does not mind bad light as well. It is a very long-lived indoor plant and this feature makes it a

more desired plant and that’s it costs more compared to other indoor plants.

Money Tree:

It is a very tough tree and therefore survives on its own indoor. They are often showcased in a group in interesting patterns.

Chinese Water Bamboo:

What makes it a complete exception is its ability to even grow without soil. You may just place it in a bowl and it keeps on growing. You can experiment with colors by putting different stones inside the bowl. It would be good to bind them into a group for better growth. You still have the luxury to place them in a traditional soil pot.

Peace Lily:

Though flowing trees are a bit harder to keep inside the apartment peace lily makes a very composed behavior. It needs proper sunlight and sufficient water to grow well. Because of excessive watering, you shall place in proper drainage for extra water.

Some Tips To Keep Indoor Plants:

You might have had great cravings for keeping indoor plants but looking after them is as much important as buying them. Especially if the apartment you live in has poor access to sunlight. Before going to the market to purchase your favorite plant, you need to learn to keep a houseplant in an apartment.

Follow the below instructions to keep good care of them:

  • Usually, people are more worried about looking after and giving water at regular intervals. However, it is observed that people end up giving more water than what is required and endanger the life of a plant. Therefore, you need to learn the water requirement for each plant separately and then stick to what is recommended.
  • Get to know if your building by-laws allow you to keep an indoor plant.
  • Try to choose the tree according to the climatic conditions of your city.
  • Though you are already buying an indoor plat but do not assume that they do not need light. They do need it. So make sure to expose them to proper light.
  • Keep good care of them and follow the water patterns strictly.

Final Takeaways:

Nothing beats the idea of having an indoor tree plant. It lends elegance to the interior and brings you close to nature. There are hundreds of plants that can be tamed to grow in an indoor environment so you have a long range of plants to choose the most favorite. Do not delay, if you have decided to bring a plant home.

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