Best Houseplants For Apartments 2022

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In this world of disagreements, we all agree on one thing: there is no substitute for nature. Be it the stretched meadows in front of us or the mysterious sky above us, we just cannot get enough of it.

Living in an urban neighborhood asks certain tradeoffs and natural beauty is one of them. It has taken centuries for us to build these ultra-modern cities but our inner-self still craves the lush greenery of forests.

Though there is no replacement for that but least we can do is to keep houseplant in the apartment. They not only make the eyes soothing but also remind us of our aesthetics.

Best Plants For Apartments

  1. Pothos
  2. Snake Plant
  3. ZZ Plant
  4. Iron Plant
  5. Cacti
  6. Succulent
  7. Bamboo



This one is perfect if you want to decorate the plant with hanging flowers. They are not merely good for the eyes but better for the environment as well. They can absorb toxins stranded in the air molecules. Thus they work as air purifiers which is much needed in this age of pollution.

They make sure they survive and adjust according to the light so having them in the apartment could be your best investment.

modern houseplants

Snake Plant:

Another name for a snake plant is Sansevieria Trifaciata. The point is if you want to have a plant in your apartment but cannot allocate extra time for nurturing them then a snake plant is your ideal choice. They behave as a good friend and do not mind negligence as much. They too can survive in low light and even with less water. Like Pothos, it also purifies the air by absorbing toxins from the air.

ZZ Plant:

It is also known by the name of Zamoicoulcas Zamiifolia. By any measurement of indoor plants, this one tops the list. They are likely to survive in the lowest of light and do not need much water. It is fast becoming a pet plant in NYC.

Iron Plant:

If you are more inclined to give your apartment an aesthetic touch rather than targeting to purify the indoor air quality then you shall get your hands on this plant. They make the interior look too good with its lush green outlook. They do not require much attention as they can survive on their own.


Along with basic options, if you aim to add more variety to your plant collection and make it look diversified then you shall consider buying Cacti. The distinctive character is the range of their odd shapes which give a unique look to your apartment. They are very easy to maintain and have strong survival instincts.


This is the plant that has sustained its popularity over the past years. It is liked by all. What makes them so adorable are their looks. The flip side is that they require good sunlight to sustain themselves and a proper look after just like your pet.

living room with decorative houseplants


Bamboo has its distinctive aura. They make a unique statement like their shape. The best things about them are that they can survive in shades if watered well.

Tips to keep Plants in an Apartment:

You might have had great cravings for keeping indoor plants but looking after them is as much important as buying them. Especially if the apartment you live in has poor access to sunlight. The good news is that the market has enough variety which can render a houseplant according to your lifestyle.

Before going to the market to purchase your favorite plant, you need to learn to keep a houseplant in an apartment. The following are some tips.

Know the Bylaws of the Building:

This is the first and foremost step to do when you decide to keep a houseplant. Get to know what kinds of plants are allowed in the building and what are the requirements to keep them?

Pick According to their location in an Apartment:

While you might have a rough idea about the importance of sunlight but you need to educate yourself about the details of each flower you chose. Some plants need more light which is fit for the windows while others survive in dim light which can be placed in the living room.

You may take the help of the description which comes with flowers to find them a suitable corner in an apartment.

houseplant and wooden stair

Sunlight Impact:

You need to maximize the sunlight exposure to the plants. You may explore different options for that like getting the maximum benefit of windows. Windows are the best places to keep houseplants as they are exposed to the sunlight for the maximum.

You may opt to hang baskets in the window to give them the best environment.

Look After Them Properly:

Once you have brought houseplants into your apartment, you are supposed to take good care of them. It would not only nurture the plant well but is also likely to groom you. Taking care of plants would add more sympathy to your life which is essential in dealing with all relations. Besides, plants stay alive with good care.

Do Not Change Locations Frequently:

Last but certainly not least, do not grow conscious about their place every second day. Once you have finalized a corner and placed the pant there, let it be there for the most part. Plants acclimatize according to their surroundings and changing might cause fatal damage to them.

Final Words:

Keeping houseplants is the best way to stay close to nature in metropolitan cities. They not only add beauty to the house but also keep the environment healthy. Have a great time with them.

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