Townhouse Vs. Apartment: Which Is Good For Renting?

By: ROS Team

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Finding a living place that best matches your requirements is a laborious task and in a city like NYC where there are many terms used interchangeably for an apartment, finding the right home may become even more difficult.

Apartment and townhouses are the two most commonly used terms in NYC real estate and people often get confused about them. But what’s the main difference between these two terms and which one is right for you?

Stretch your legs and give this read a few minutes so you can decide whether you need a townhouse for your family or you will survive in an apartment.

What is Townhouse?

Have you ever seen a row of buildings with patios sharing the same wall? Yes, we are talking about townhouses. They aren’t new and making listings for centuries. As the name suggests, a townhouse is located in a town or residential area.

New Yorkers often overlook them in search of a single-family apartment but believe me, they offer plenty more than a single family house.

Depending on the area, a townhouse may have a fitness center and an onsite garden.

A townhouse generally has three floors with space for an office on the ground floor, a kitchen on the second floor, and bedrooms on the top floor.

Who Are They For?

If you want a wider space and looking to upgrade your single-family house, townhouses are an ideal choice. For families who want to enjoy more amenities without the upkeep, townhouses top their priority list.

Some townhouses on the Upper East Side also offer an enclosed yard – an ideal amenity for families with kids.

Townhouse vs. Apartment

1. Space

To clear the doubts in your mind, an 800 sq. /ft. the apartment occupies the same space as 800 sq. /ft. townhouse. The only difference is that the space is divided into three floors in a townhouse. This division is good if you want separation between the kitchen and bedroom.

However, for those who have mobility concerns like knee pain or back pain, climbing a few steps may not be a fruitful choice.

2. Expense

Space might be the same but not the cost. You may end up paying more for an 800-square-foot townhouse than an 800-square-foot apartment, here are the reasons:

  • As discussed earlier, townhouses come up with an outdoor space while apartments don’t.
  • An array of beautifully built townhouses compels landlords to charge more.
  • In NYC, townhouses have an association fee which renters need to pay as a part of the rent.


3. Privacy

As soon as your living space has a sharing wall, your privacy takes a hit. Apartment and townhouses both possess this risk. However, in townhouses, there are fewer tenants and you might end up on the more private side.

Furthermore, townhouses often come up with soundproof walls and thus offer more privacy than a condo or apartment.

4. Lifestyle

Do you like to grill on weekends? Are you a fitness admirer and have a habit of going to high-tech fitness studios? If so, you would love to live in a townhouse. Outdoor space lovers will also find the townhouse a decent choice.

And as far as landscaping is concerned, having a small grassy lawn outside your bedroom window, which is only yours, is tempting for people of all ages. Whereas in an apartment, you won’t be getting a glimpse of such amenities.

Renting A Townhouse – Pros & Cons


  • As mentioned before, townhouses offer flexibility in terms of space. Anyone looking to expand their single-family apartment should move towards the townhouse community.
  • More space means more amenities and being a part of large developments, townhouses offer luxurious amenities like a patio, enclosed yard, and fitness center.


  • Unlike an apartment, you can’t find a townhouse in the middle of a city. They are mostly located in a suburban setting which makes them a second choice for those looking for a living place in a dense urban area.
  • Maintenance and landscaping in townhouses are achieved through HOA fees and renters have to bear these expenses.


Apartment Vs. Townhouse – Which Is Better For Me?

Both apartments and townhouses are good choices for renters. If you enjoy more space and separation between your kitchen and bedroom, townhouses should be your priority. But if you prefer to live in a compact space with easy access to everything, the apartment will do all the good for you.

Each type has its pros and cons but it all comes down to your needs and lifestyle. If you are a budgeted family man, we will recommend you look at the apartment and if you are a young resident looking for luxurious amenities, a townhouse may be an appropriate choice.

Whatever you choose, have a one-to-one with your to-be neighbors as their comments about your new home may decide if you have found a new apartment or townhouse.

Are Townhomes Good Rental Properties?

Townhomes can be good rental properties for a variety of reasons. For one, they typically offer more space and privacy than apartments, which can be attractive to renters who are looking for a larger living space or who prefer to have their own outdoor areas.

What is the Difference between a Townhouse and an Apartment?

A townhouse and an apartment are both types of housing, but there are some key differences between the two. A townhouse is a multi-level residential unit that shares one or more walls with adjacent units, while an apartment, on the other hand, is a unit in a larger residential building that is typically rented by a tenant. Apartments are usually smaller than townhouses.

Why is Living in a House Better than an Apartment?

Living in a house or an apartment has its own advantages and disadvantages, and what is best for someone will depend on their individual preferences and lifestyle.

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