10 Most Popular House Styles In USA

By: ROS Team

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Homes come in so many different styles that it makes them so exciting to gaze at and dream about. It is an American goal to own your own home and to choose your perfect home. You and your family can choose the right style. Some of the houses are centuries old. Although many types of houses may remain faithful to themselves, many inside amenities are upgraded to match the current technology and living standards.

As you can read below, you will see that some favored styles are still at the top of the list of home purchasers.

Top 10 Most Popular Types of Houses in the USA

1) Ranch House Styles
2) Cape Cod House Styles
3) English Tudor House Styles
4) Victorian House Styles
5) Bungalow House Styles
6) Contemporary House Styles
7) Mediterranean Home Styles
8) Colonial House Styles
9) Log Home Styles
10) Small Homes Styles

1. Ranch House Styles

Ranch houses are trendy and are regarded as a terrific home style for everyone, in particular families. Ranches can come in such different types and patterns that in a ranch, it is essentially unlimited.

Ranch Style House

Ranches are a historical story and developed from the original design of ranch-built homes. Although most people conceive of a ranch as a large house, it is pretty tiny, which means that square images are distributed across one story of living space in a more extended zone. Small, one-story dwellings are also ranch.

2. Cape Cod House Styles

The Cape Cod houses were built in the 1600s and have been designed in British quenched roof architecture, although Cape Cod has steeper roofs and more prominent chimneys in the North-East due to more challenging winter elements.

Cape Cod Style House

There are many distinct appearances that a Cape Cod can have, but some aspects often match the home of a Cape Cod, such as dormant windows, cedar shingles, and a windowed door. Cape Cods are generally low prices and built-in in this kind of area, although some can be rather expensive.

3. English Tudor House Styles

The English style of house originated from England, and it’s a lovely house style, most recognized for its multi-purpose roofs and high roofs. Still, the essential thing that makes the English Tudor stand out is the ornate half-wood structure.

English Tudor Style House

Many of these stylish residences are in the middle west and on the East Coast, so the steep roofs are necessary owing to the cold and rainy weather.

4. Victorian House Styles

The house was built in the Victorian style from the era of Queen Victoria between 1830 and 1910. This regal-looking house type was developed from its appearance rather than from the home’s utility. This is undoubtedly one of the more sophisticated home types.

Victorian Style House

It is commonly seen in brighter colors, such as greens, yellows, and pinks, with big front porches and a plethora of ornamental trimmings, among other things. You cannot ignore the multi-faceted and highly steep rooflines of the Victorian. Many characterize the Victorian house look like a dollhouse.

5. Bungalow House Styles

Craftsmen’s homes are focused on the use of materials such as stone, wood, and brick. This home style began to appear after the Arts and Crafts Movement boomed in Britain from 1880 to 1920. Because of its distinctive architectural design, with deep porches and large, squared-up columns made of wood, brick, or stone, you can easily recognize the style of the home.

Bungalow Style House

Slow sloping roofs are traditional, and most artisan homes have a story, although some may have an additional attic with a dormer window. The bungalow or artisan’s house is one of today’s most famous houses.

6. Contemporary House Styles

Modern and contemporary are commonly interchanged and employed in this home style. Modern is usually a name for homes constructed with an appearance of contemporary construction designs and using energy-efficient materials and goods.

Contemporary Style House

Whether in modern or contemporary style homes, They intend to bring in some outside world with expansive windows and natural light. With tidy, clean lines and sustainable materials, architecture is typically detailed.

7. Mediterranean Home Styles

The Mediterranean style home is based on the traditional Mediterranean Hacienda style, and the traits are usually the same from home to home. There are many Mediterranean homes with red-tiled roofs and plastered surfaces.

Mediterranean Style House

You may also discover many arches in the entire house and balconies on each side, and lots of artistic elements, such as colorful tiles on walls, floors, and wet places. This is a popular home type all around the country, particularly in the southern regions of the United States.

8. Colonial House Styles

Colonial mansions are from the 1600s and are generally linked to early American settlers. The colonial home style is most commonly recognized with windows and shutters spanning the house as well.

Colonial Style House

You probably also see dormers and a fireplace on the roof and columns at the front door. This is a very formal home style, since it originated, as a popular type of residence.

9. Log Home Styles

Log homes came into existence as small cabins and were primarily built as one-room constructions with no nails but have evolved quite a bit over the years. While log homes are frequently considered small, comfortable vacations, they are sometimes constructed as permanent dwellings.

Log Home Style

You can envisage log houses in rural or mountainous places. Still, in reality, they can be built almost anywhere, even though the type of wood used to construct the house is different depending on the climate.

10. Small Homes Styles

In recent years, tiny homes boomed and were designed for those who wanted to pursue a minimalist lifestyle. They are built of various materials and range in size footage.

Small Homes Style

Many of them may be seen in the field of 300 to 600 sq ft. Because of their compact size, the amenities vary from kitchen appliances to small-scale restroom facilities. Storage spaces are often produced in unusual places. If you have a lifestyle, make your tiny home on wheels. So you don’t have to stay in one spot.

Final Thoughts

You now have the most popular types of houses in various regions across North and South America. Whether you choose a Ranch or the Mediterranean. The most important thing to consider when searching for your dream home is the purpose for which it is being built. Keep in mind why you purchase the house, And ensure that it is the best fit for everyone living and spending time in it.