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How to Find a Roommate

A decade ago, finding a roommate in New York City was blood, sweat and tears. But that’s not the case now, there are many websites like Craigslist catering to people who need to find a roommate. In NYC, where apartments are much expensive, you can’t afford to live in a larger apartment. So what to do now? That’s where a roommate comes to the picture. Many New Yorkers share their apartment to save some extra bucks.

So, you have decided to share the apartment, and not sure how to find a roommate? Here’s what to do.

Finding a roommate

As mentioned above, there are many roommate finding websites like Craigslist, Mass E-mail, and Facebook, you can search these. However, if you have an active network of people, who can find you a roommate quicker, catching them is a reliable option. Your network of friends may give you limited options but the Craigslist search will fetch you a pool of results. To reduce these numbers, apply filters like:

  • Gender and age
  • Employment status
  • Budget
  • Moving date
  • Personal reference

Often people provide a link to their Facebook or LinkedIn profile in Craigslist, so you can have an idea with that. But expect the same from them, so figure out how much info you want them to know about you.

How to assess a Roommate

A good roomie can make the living a wonderful experience but at the same time, the opposite can make it worst nightmare of your life. Before you choose a roommate, meet him/her in person and get as much information as possible. As discussed before, check out their social media profiles which will give you a bird’s eye view about their hobbies, friend’s circle etc.

But remember, no one will be a perfect match, so try to compromise and have a frank conversation before you sign the lease.