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Dealing with Bad Neighbors

You’ve just gone through one of the most daunting tasks in NYC - finding and shifting to your new home. We hope that you don’t face another one – the nasty neighbors. Listening to a baby who never quit, getting a whiff of smoke, and coping with the late-night music which never allows you to sleep makes your dream home a worst nightmare.

Here are some measures you can take to cope with the unavoidable creature living next to your door:

The First Impression is The Last:

Make sure your neighbors don’t think the same way you think about them, be nice to them and have a polite conversation.

Listen to Their Problems As Well:

Courteously, discuss the problem you are facing and chances are they will come up with theirs.If this happens, don’t argue but compromise which will be a win-win situation for both the parties.

Talk to Other Neighbors:

If your first attempt fails, discuss the issue with other neighbors. If they are having the same concerns, congratulations, your case just got a lot stronger.

See the Landlord:

If you are still listening to heated arguments in the next apartment, it is time to meet your landlord. Visit the owner with other neighbors, this will make your stance stronger. Make sure you discuss all the measures you took to solve the problem.

Choose a Legal Way:

Document the problem and record any effort you made like a text note or a call to save yourself and then adopt a legal route if there is any in the lease.

Safety Comes First:

If you see a threatening situation in the building, call the Police immediately. You may save yourself or someone else.