Top Neighborhoods to Live in Long Island, NY

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Long Island, New York, is one of the most glorious islands in the world, home to a third of the population of New York City and many prestigious businesses. There is no doubt when comes how wonderful Long Island can be. However, this doesn’t mean everyone has a voice in choosing where they live. With many equally great neighborhoods, it can be hard to decide where to begin. This list is here to help you journey to the best neighborhoods on Long Island.

What is the Best Area on Long Island to Live in?

Long Island is great for raising a family, living, or retiring. Every neighborhood offers something unique. Whether looking for a quiet spot to settle down or an extremely active community where you can work and play, Long Island’s numerous towns offer the ideal location for your needs.

Long Island, NY, is a beautiful island on which a third of New Yorkers call home. Whether you’re a young professional living on your own, a couple trying to start a family, or a commuter with roommates, there’s a Long Island neighborhood that suits everyone.

Best Neighborhoods Long Island

1) Bellmore6) Merrick11) Great Neck Gardens
2) Massapequa7) Jericho12) Commack
3) Huntington8) Roslyn13) Manhasset
4) Smithtown9) Plainview14) Valley Stream
5) Stony Brook10) Islip15) Ronkonkoma


Bellmore is a good neighborhood option if you value a quieter community atmosphere. One of the area’s most prominent attractions is Jones Beach Park, a Long Island beach that many consider one of the greatest in the state of New York.

Bellmore renters can expect to pay an average of $1,800 a month for a one-bedroom apartment. The average rent price has remained steady since 2021.

Bellmore, noted for having a strong emphasis on education, is another inclusion on this list. Bellmore and Merrick share a school system, so your children can receive a top-notch education without paying the high cost associated with Merrick.


According to Zillow, the average selling price of a home in Massapequa is $652,524. The prices of properties in Massapequa have risen 11.2% since 2021.

Massapequa is a great neighborhood for families thanks to its high-ranking school system. There is a variety of outdoor leisure activities in this area. Massapequa Cove, a favorite fishing place in the New York City area, is just a short distance away from the local parks. Any way you look at it, Massapequa is an upscale neighborhood with access to leisure and learning.


Huntington is a town in Long Island’s Suffolk County. The typical listing price for a property in Huntington, New York, was $796,900 as of April 2022. This is an increase of 16% since 2021.

Huntington has several boutiques and local markets, restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife.

This enormous town is one of Suffolk’s biggest and is still well-known outside of New York. Fans of live music, fine dining, and fun nightlife will like what Huntington offers. However, it’s not all glitter and glam.


Smithtown has a strong sense of community despite its small size. It’s located about 50 miles north of Manhattan and in the heart of the North Shore. On average, a one-bedroom apartment in Smithtown will rent for around $2,934 a month. Smithtown is known for its artisan brews, restaurants, and unique shops. It also has many parks, including Caleb Smith State Park.

Despite its size, the town is still one where everyone knows your name and where residents actively collaborate to improve their futures. You may anticipate small shops, well-stocked eateries, and a community ethos that emphasizes teamwork. This could be the location for you if you’re seeking a neighborhood on Long Island with a sense of community.

Stony Brook

Stony Brook’s beauty once made it a popular tourist destination Today, the region has also become a popular place to live with access to great schools and a nearby college for continuing education opportunities.

On average, one-bedroom apartments in Stony Brook rent for around $2,310 a month. The average cost of rent has remained stable since 2021.


Located on Long Island’s southernmost tip, Merrick is popular for its beaches and sunshine. Merrick offers the best of both worlds: great suburban living and proximity to New York City (the city is just a 45-minute train ride from the neighborhood). Elegant homes, seaside activities, and lively nightlife are also part of the area’s appeal. Merrick is one of New York City’s safest boroughs, and the average house price is $708,851.

Merrick is going to be your best option if you’re searching for a top-notch educational system. This community is known for having the best school system on all of Long Island, in addition to producing graduates that are well respected.


Despite being fewer than 30 miles from Manhattan, Jericho is a sleepy hamlet with a population of only 13,000 people. Jericho’s small town vibe attracts visitors and prospective residents alike because of its tranquility and high-performing schools. Homes in Jericho have an average monthly rent of $2,227 for a 12 month lease term.

It is situated in between Hempstead and Oyster Bat. In addition to being close to the metropolis and having a small-town atmosphere, Jericho attracts residents with its top-notch educational system. Long Island home is also reasonably priced, both to buy and to rent. Furthermore, Jericho has a low crime rate, making it a secure area to reside.


Roslyn is another popular community on Long Island. Despite the median $500,000 price, many homes in Roslyn are priced in the $750,000 to $1 million range. The houses are lovely, the school system is excellent, and the area is safe.

Consider Roslyn if you’re seeking a wealthy community that doesn’t brag excessively about its status. The design of the area and the homes in Roslyn are both exquisite. Roslyn is one of the most sought-after areas on Long Island real estate because of the town’s top-notch school systems. Roslyn is a must-see if you value securing a bright future for your children.


Plainview is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods on Long Island; as of April 2022, the average price of a property in Plainview was $790,000. This marks an increase of over 16% since 2021. Despite the higher cost, Plainview has some incredible real estate options to choose from.

The fact that Plainview has such low crime rates, top-notch schools, a variety of services, and lovely parks and outdoor areas is one of the reasons it has grown to be so popular. Due to its close proximity to the Long Island Expressway and the ease of commuting into New York City, it is well-liked by city workers.


Islip is a coastal community with a relatively low population density. The average price of a house in Islip was $520,000 as of April 2022, representing an 11.7% percent increase since 2021.

People who enjoy spending time on the water or simply taking in the beauty are drawn to Islip’s beaches. This neighborhood has an overall laid-back ambiance, excellent schools, and booming nightlife.

Despite being a community known for having above-average schools, Islip continues to draw in younger populations. There is great nightlife in the region, and summertime means there will almost always be parties nearby.  Noise complaints are quite unusual.

Great Neck Gardens

If you want to live in an older but beautiful neighborhood, Great Neck Gardens is a top choice. This community’s leadership has put in a lot of effort to preserve the neighborhood’s history, as evidenced by the array of architectural styles scattered throughout the neighborhood.

Great Neck Gardens has Allenwood Park, which boasts a pond, walking paths, and tennis courts that residents can enjoy year round. The average monthly rent for an apartment in Great Neck Gardens is around $3,370 a month.


Commack is a popular neighborhood where celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell and Randy Rainbow call home. The average price for a property in Commack is $708,872. Commack is the former home of the Long Island Arena, and the area is still home to many athletes. As a small town with a sparse suburban feel and well-known restaurants such as ​​​​Outback Steakhouse, Spicy Home Tasty, and Paradise Pizza.


There are little under 8,000 people living in Manhasset, a hamlet and census-designated place in Nassau County. Manhasset has a congested, suburban vibe, according to Niche. This area is ideal for starting a family because it is full of spacious single family homes with gardens.

Manhasset is situated on the North Shore and is only 20 miles from Manhattan and 50 miles from the Hamptons, which is a draw for many people. As a result, residents of this region get the best of both worlds.

Valley Stream

It makes sense to locate a house on Long Island that is both inexpensive and accessible for commuting. Valley Stream is just one of many special, noteworthy jewels. Valley Stream, one of the commuter-friendly Long Island communities, is located not far from Queens County and enjoys good access to both JFK Airport and New York City thanks to its first-rate public transportation system.

This location is ideal for commuters because Manhattan is only a short drive away. Despite the ease of access to the city, many locals choose to spend the weekends at home. After all, everyone is nice here, and the food is quite reasonably priced.


The Long Island MacArthur Airport is located in Ronkonkoma, a modest town that manages to be remarkably charming in its own right. It also has easy access to public transportation. This working-class neighborhood is well known for hosting a sizable number of commuters and those working for airlines.

If you love the cuisine, you’ll love the Ronkonkoma region because of the fantastic restaurant culture. You can always obtain the necessary fresh air while taking in the breathtaking beauty of nature by strolling around one of the many parks in the area. How about the vista from Lake Ronkonkoma? It is spectacular every day.

FAQs – Best Neighborhoods in Long Island

What is the Best Area to Live in on Long Island NY?

Check out Massapequa if you’re the parent of a young family that wishes to expand. This well-known region is well-known for having numerous outstanding high schools, six unique elementary schools, and excellent educational chances for those who want to achieve in their careers.

Is Long Island NY a Good Place to Live?

One of New York State’s most renowned regions in Long Island. It has lovely beaches, is close to Brooklyn, and offers residents the perfect balance of city and suburban living. It is accessible for commuters and has some of the best healthcare in the state.

What is the Richest Part of Long Island?

The most costly location on Long Island is Sagaponack, which also happens to be the most expensive place to live in the entire country. In this region of Long Island, the average home is worth $3,875,000. It is a village in the town of Southampton and is well-liked by people who want to live by the water because of its location along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline.

What is the Safest Place to Live on Long Island?

East Hampton Town, a wealthy Long Island neighborhood with an extremely high Safety Index score of 1.29, is the safest place in New York State. East Hampton has a 0.85 violent crime rate per 1,000 residents and an 11.34 property crime rate per 1,000 residents.

Why do People leave Long Island?

According to the earlier cited survey, 59 percent of all Long Island individuals plan to move in the upcoming years. And based on our research, the following are the three main causes of this: costly houses with high standards. modest median income.

Are People Moving to Long Island?

Two communities in particular on Long Island were among the most sought-after locations for New York City residents moving last year. The research was conducted by NYC-based Piece of Cake Moving and Storage, which moved 35,000 people in 2021.

Is Long Island New York a Good Area?

One of the nicest areas to reside in New York is Long Island City, which is in Queens County. Long Island City residents enjoy a dense metropolitan vibe, and the majority rent their homes. There are numerous pubs, eateries, coffee shops, and parks in Long Island City. Long Island City is home to many young professionals.

How Safe is Long Island?

Living on Long Island is safe. The crime rate on Long Island is 59% lower than that in New York City and 80% lower than the national average. It’s one of the safest neighborhoods in the city.

Final Verdict

Long Island is a great place to live. Keep in mind that we only spotlighted some of Long Island’s best neighborhoods; there are many more to choose from. Reach out to a real estate agent or broker for more information about available real estate on Long Island.

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