Exploring The Best Places To Live Outside NYC

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New York City is a bustling metropolis with everything you need to live a happy and successful life. But the city is also expensive, crowded, and noisy. If you are looking for affordable alternatives, you can go for the best places to live outside NYC where you can still have access to all the amenities which come with a big city.

Let’s Look for the Best Places to Live Outside NYC and Explore our Options

1- Hoboken
2- Stamford
3- Edison
4- Maplewood
5- Yonkers
6- Katonah
7- Carmel
8- Rockville Centre
9- New Rochelle
10- Jersey City
11- Princeton
12- Mount Vernon
13- Dix Hills
14- Ridgewood

1) Hoboken, NJ

Distance from NYC – 4 Miles

Hoboken, NJ
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Hoboken is located in Hudson County, New Jersey. It is the third-most densely populated city in the US, with the highest median income in the country. The town has plenty of parks, restaurants, bars, and shops. It also hosts a large waterfront area with beautiful Manhattan skyline views.

Hoboken is just 15 minutes from the heart of Manhattan, making it an ideal place for commuters who work in NYC but want to spend their evenings in solace.

2) Stamford, CT

Distance from NYC – 40 Miles

Stamford, Connecticut, is a city in Fairfield County, US. It was named after Stamford in Lincolnshire by settlers from that area who arrived in 1640. It is a beautiful place to live because of its proximity to Long Island, NYC, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Stamford, CT
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The town of Stamford, CT, is 50 min drive from New York City and has a population of 136,000. It is one of the best places to live outside New York City because of its excellent public transportation system and a lot of space for its residents. The average commute time to NYC from Stamford is 50 minutes.

For those looking for jobs locally, Stamford is home to many Fortune 500 companies like Xerox, United Technologies, and General Electric. It also has the highest median household income in Connecticut.

3) Edison, NJ

Distance from NYC – 35 Miles

Edison, NJ, is a town located about 45 minutes from New York City and has a population of over 100,000. The city has seen much growth in the last 20 years, with many new businesses coming up.

Edison, NJ
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Edison is home to plenty of parks for families who want to spend time outdoors with their children and multiple colleges close by, making it easy for students to commute to schools without having to relocate their lives.

The city is only 35 miles from Manhattan, making it a perfect suburb for those looking to commute into the city but wanting more space and better schools. The town offers an excellent quality of life and a low living cost with some great restaurants, parks, museums, and theaters.

4) Maplewood, NJ

Distance from NYC – 24 Miles

Maplewood is a township in the state of New Jersey. It is a suburb around New York City and is about 35 minutes from Manhattan. The commuter trains to Manhattan leave Newark Penn Station every day at 7:01 am and arrive at Penn Station, New York, by 7:21 am on weekdays.

Maplewood, NJ
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Maplewood offers its residents a suburban lifestyle with all the amenities of the big city. It has everything from parks and pools to shops, restaurants and easy access to public transportation into Manhattan. It has a population of over 25,000 and is one of the safest towns to live in.

5) Yonkers, NY

Distance from NYC – 15 Miles

Yonkers is a location just outside of NYC at about 25 minutes drive, which is good when you compare it to other places outside of NY. The town has been titled “the biggest little city in the world.” With a population of 210,000, it’s one of the best places to live outside NYC.

Yonkers, NY
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Yonkers was settled back in 1686 by Dutch settlers, and it was originally known as “Nieuw Amersfoort” or “Newtown.” It’s only 15 miles from Manhattan, so it can offer the same benefits as living in NYC without being too close, which means you can have more space at less cost.

Yonkers has also been known as a center for manufacturing and was once home to several major companies such as IBM, Otis Elevator Company, Westinghouse Electric Company, Siemens Building Technologies Group, and Carrier Corporation. The city offers affordable housing, good schools, and a low crime rate, with an average home price is $662,513, which is half that of Manhattan.

6) Katonah, NY

Distance from NYC – 41 Miles

Katonah is a small town in Westchester County, NY, close to the Hudson River, and has a population of 1,400. It is one of the best places to live outside New York, with an average home price of $916,000. There are plenty of schools and parks to have an extraordinary life outside the city hustle.

Katonah, NY
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Katonah has low crime rates and high-performing schools and also offers you the chance to enjoy nature with its hiking trails and beautiful parks. The cost of living here is much lower than that of New York City, with a median rent of $2,500/month compared to $3,500/month for NYC.

7) Carmel, NY

Distance from NYC – 59 Miles

Carmel, N.Y., is just outside of NYC and is the perfect place to avoid the hustle of city life. It’s a small town with all the amenities you need for a comfortable life. It is 1hr drive from New York City with an average rent of about $1500, much cheaper than living in NYC.

Carmel, NY
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The cost of living in Carmel is also much less than in NYC, so you can save a lot more on your daily expenses.

In addition, there are many employment opportunities in Carmel, with one of the highest median incomes in the US at $98,000 per household.

8) Rockville Centre, NY

Distance from NYC – 32 Miles

Rockville Centre is a town in Nassau County, New York. It is the county’s southern town, with a population of around 25,000.

It was originally known as Rock Hall when founded in 1668. Its name changed in 1902 when Rockville Centre was incorporated as a town and adopted its current name.

Rockville Centre, NY
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It is a great place to live as it’s not too far from New York City and has excellent public schools with low crime rates. It is located on the south end of Long Island, about 32 miles outside of Manhattan.

The average household income in Rockville is $107,000, and the cost of living index is 173.4. It means it is 73% more expensive to live in this town than the national average.

9) New Rochelle, NY

Distance from NYC – 20 Miles

New Rochelle, NY
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New Rochelle (located in Westchester County) is about 30 minutes drive from Manhattan and has a population of about 81,500.

It is among the safest cities in the US, with a low crime rate and an average home price of USD 839,245. However, the cost of living in New Rochelle is much lower than that of Manhattan or Brooklyn.

10) Jersey City, NJ

Distance from NYC – 8 Miles

Jersey City is one of the best places to live, right outside New York. It is only 20 minutes from Manhattan, close enough to enjoy the benefits of living in a big city but far enough away to have the peace of living in a quieter town.

Jersey City, NJ
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Jersey City is affordable, with an average home price of USD 608,244, lower than most other places in the US, and the cost of living index is 105, which is significantly lower than that of  New York. This makes Jersey City highly affordable and along in addition to its proximity to NYC.

It has an excellent transportation infrastructure making it easy for residents to travel back and forth between Jersey and Manhattan.

11) Princeton, NJ

Distance from NYC – 55 Miles

Princeton, NJ
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Princeton is a great place to live outside of NYC  because it is only about 1 hour’s drive away from Manhattan and has an average home price of $824,375. The cost of living index is 148, lower than that of Manhattan.

It is located about 55 miles from New York City, meaning you can enjoy the perks of living in a big city while avoiding the high costs associated with them. The city has a low crime rate, affordable housing, and an average commute time much shorter than other nearby towns.

12) Mount Vernon, NY

Distance from NYC – 16 Miles

Mount Vernon is the perfect place for people who want to live close to NYC. It is only 20 min from Manhattan and has a lot of beautiful parks, waterfronts, and historic sites. You get the best of both worlds – proximity to Manhattan and plenty to offer.

Mount Vernon, NY
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It is the most populous city in Westchester, located on the eastern bank of the Hudson, approximately 16 miles north of Midtown Manhattan.

The town is a diverse community with large African American and Hispanic populations well-represented in various aspects of life, from politics to business, education, and culture.

The city contains more than 20 distinct neighborhoods, including Downtown Mount Vernon, North End, Larchmont Manor, Crossroads-Belvedere-Tuckahoe, and more.

13) Dix Hills, NY

Distance from NYC – 41 Miles

Dix Hills, NY
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Dix Hills is located on the North Shore of Long Island. Dix Hills is approximately 40 miles from Manhattan, with an average commute of about 50 minutes.

It is one of the best places to live right outside of NYC, offering reasonable proximity to NYC and its amenities while providing a lower cost of living.

The cost of living too is less than that of New York City, with a median home price of $ 1 million compared to around 1.4 Million in Manhattan.

14) Ridgewood, NJ

Distance from NYC – 48 Miles

Ridgewood, NJ
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Ridgewood, NJ, is a small town located right outside of NYC. It offers a perfect balance between living in the city and the suburbs. While it’s only 50 min from Manhattan, you can also take the train, which also takes around 50 minutes.

Ridgewood has a low cost of living and a low crime rate, with a median home price of $899,688. However, the cost of living in Ridgewood is 67% higher than the national average.

It was recently ranked as the best place to live right outside of NYC by Business Insider.

Finding the Best Towns Outside of New York City

NYC is one of the world’s most expensive places to live. But fortunately, there are still many great places you can live right outside of NYC. In this article, we looked at factors like distance from NY, cost of living, and average home prices to find the best place to live outside NYC.

We have seen that the best places are those with a small-town feel, proximity to NYC, lower cost of living and home prices, and less crowd. However, they all still offer all the amenities of City life.

These cities all have strong communities, good schools, and ensure safety. They may not be as fast-paced as living in Manhattan, but they offer everything you need to live a fulfilling life.


What are some excellent towns outside New York City for families?

The New York metropolitan area is one of the most expensive places to live. To make it more affordable, many people look for cities outside NYC where they can still commute to work.

Some of them are:

  1. Rockville Centre, NY
  2. Mount Vernon, NY
  3. Yonkers, NY

What are Some Affordable Places to Live near NYC?

You can check out Yonkers or Rockville Centre if you’re looking for more affordable options. You can also look for other locations outside New York City that offer excellent living arrangements at affordable prices, like Ridgewood.

What are the Best Places to Live within 2 Hrs Commute of NYC?

The best places to live within 2 hour commute of NYC can be in Yonkers or Mount Vernon. You can also try Jersy city and Hoboken if you prefer the city atmosphere.

What is the Best Just Outside of Manhattan If You Can’t Afford the High Rent in NYC?

Jersy city is the best area to stay outside of Manhattan if you can’t afford the high rent. It’s close to Manhattan and has plenty of good restaurants and bars.

You can also consider Hoboken and Yonkers. They are a little farther away from Manhattan but are still close enough for a commute and are much more affordable.

Rochester, NY is an attractive option for those looking to rent a house due to its affordability compared to New York City. On average, renting a one-bedroom apartment in Rochester costs around $900 per month, while in NYC the cost is around $2,700. This makes Rochester a much more affordable option for renters.Despite its lower cost of living, Rochester still offers a variety of services to its residents. The city is a hub for technology and healthcare, with a diverse economy that continues to grow. This makes it an attractive destination for students and young professionals who are looking for affordable living options while pursuing their education or building their careers. Renting a house in Rochester also offers access to the city’s many attractions, Rochester still offers a high quality of life with access to excellent healthcare services, local repair services, cultural events, and outdoor activities. With its affordability and range of services, Rochester is an excellent option for those looking to rent a house in upstate New York.

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