Best Places To Live In Colorado

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Colorado is the 21st most populated state in the U.S. Colorado was designated as the 38th state on August 1, 1876, and is nicknamed the “Centennial State.”New Mexico borders Colorado to the south, Utah to the west, and Oklahoma to the southeast. The hallmark of Colorado is its natural beauty. The primary contributors to Colorado’s economy are agriculture, tourism, mining, defense, and manufacturing. Let’s look at the best place to live in Colorado and explore what makes these cities special.

Top 15 Best Places to Live in Colorado

1) Denver 6) Louisville 11) Durango
2) Boulder 7) Pueblo 12) Fort Morgan
3) Aurora 8) Longmont 13) Frisco
4) Castle Rock 9) Golden 14) Steamboat Springs
5) Colorado Springs 10) Greeley 15) Fort Collins

1) Denver

Denver is one of the most populated cities in the state. It’s also one of America’s fastest-growing cities.  Denver is unique because of its weather–it’s one of the few places in the state where you can experience all four seasons each year.

The sun shines most of the year, making it a highly desirable place to live. The city is surrounded by mountains, which adds to the city’s mystifying beauty. Denver offers a host of diverse cuisine and opportunities for outdoor adventure that includes hiking and biking in the warmer months and snowboarding and skiing during the winter.

Denver, Colorado

Numerous young professionals and an increasing number of remote workers call Denver one of the best place to live in Colorado to call home. However, the cost of living there can be high, and gives the local school system a C+ grade for academic performance. However, the city has a lot of parks and outdoor play areas for kids. In addition to a zoo, museums, and other kid-friendly learning venues. The Mile High City is a fun place to live if you can afford the price.

2) Boulder

The University of Colorado Boulder, the biggest university in Colorado, is located in Boulder, which is also one of the best cities in Colorado. In Boulder, you’ll never be stuck for things to do. Numerous hiking and mountain biking paths are nearby, and there are many venues for live events, concerts, and museums. Denver may be reached in roughly 30 minutes.

Boulder, Colorado

Located at the foothills of mountains at an elevation of 5,430 feet, Boulder is the definition of paradise. The city is rich in natural beauty and boasts an excellent education system and low crime rate. Boulder is home to the state’s largest university, the University of Colorado, which makes it a hub for learning and student life.

The Boulder Valley School District enjoys a stellar reputation and consistently receives positive feedback. The biggest disadvantage of Boulder is the high cost of living. Only those budget-friendly ski resort towns surpass the average housing costs in Boulder.

3) Aurora

Located in the outskirts of Denver, Aurora is one of the cheapest cities to live in Colorado and the third most populated city in the state.  Diversity is the cornerstone of Aurora and natural beauty is in abundance by way of its lush greenery.

Aurora is one of the cities nearest to Denver International Airport and is only a short drive from downtown Denver. Aurora has many different areas because it is a huge metropolis that spans 163 square miles and is located in three different counties. The areas of Aurora Hills, Heather Ridge, and Saddle Rock all receive high rankings for being safe, family-friendly neighborhoods with excellent schools.

4) Castle Rock

A suburban neighborhood called Castle Rock is located just off the I-25 highway, which links Colorado Springs and Denver. In addition to restaurants, shops, and other attractions, Castle Rock offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for the whole family.

Castle Rock

One of the best big school districts in the state is located in Castle Rock. One of the best cities in Colorado is Castle Rock since it’s a terrific place to raise a family and has more space than more crowded cities.

Castle Rock is located between Denver and Colorado Springs. Castle Rock has lots of restaurants, high-rise shopping malls, and lots of outdoor activities. The crime rate has historically been low while it boasts a higher than average household income.

5) Colorado Springs

Also known as the Olympic City, Colorado Springs is the most densely populated city in Colorado. The city is located at the eastern edge of the southern Rocky Mountains near Pikes Peak.

Colorado Springs has been ranked among the best places to live in the United States, and it’s no wonder with its enchanting mountain views, hiking trails, and natural parks such as the Cave Of The Winds Mountain and Garden of the Gods.

Colorado Springs

Besides its natural beauty, the city is famous for its cultural diversity, education opportunities, and historical sites such as the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum and the American Numismatic Association Money Museum. As the nickname suggests, Colorado Springs is also the headquarters of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committees.

The city of Colorado Springs, which is located about 70 miles south of Denver and has the second-largest population in the state, was rated as the ninth-best location to live in America in 2021 by Livability. The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center, Garden of the Gods, and a number of surrounding military installations are all located in The Springs, also referred to as Olympic City, USA.

Colorado Springs is designed for year-round outdoor enjoyment with a calendar full of sunny days, Pike’s Peak towering to the west, and chances for camping, hiking, and hunting nearby. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and a thriving food scene are further attractions in the area for both tourists and locals.

6) Louisville

Besides this great attraction, Louisville is one of the cheapest places to live in Colorado. The cost of utilities and homes is well below the national average. The city is a fast-emerging market which means a lot of professional and business opportunities.

Louisville, Colorado

Louisville, which is in the middle of the Denver-Boulder corridor, is a terrific area to reside. The locals enjoy it for a number of reasons, including the easy proximity to Boulder and Denver. Within a short drive, there are several recreational facilities and outdoor pursuits. Due to positions in the healthcare, technology, aerospace, and clean energy industries, the city has a low unemployment rate.

There are many parks to pick from, and there are lots of activities to keep you occupied.

Concerts, farmer’s markets, and other community activities take place all year round in Louisville’s historic downtown. With a population of just over 20,000, it is one of the most isolated cities around Denver. One of the safest neighborhoods in the Denver region is Louisville.

7) Pueblo

Pueblo is the sixth most affordable place to live in America and the least expensive residential area in Colorado. In addition to being inexpensive, the city offers an abundance of recreational opportunities and has beautiful weather.

Pueblo, Colorado

Due to its lower cost of living, which is by 19% compared to the national average. Pueblo is one of the affordable and best cities to live in Colorado. Colorado State University-Pueblo, which is located in the city, recently announced that new first-time residents of Colorado with a family income of $50,000 or less will get free college tuition.

Pueblo offers many parks and trails, as well as a downtown riverwalk that’s enjoyable to stroll along in nice weather. It sometimes gets a poor name for being a boring city and for having crime issues, but those are primarily localized in specific neighborhoods. Given the rising cost of housing in Colorado, it’s a fantastically cheapest places to live in Colorado.

8) Longmont

A city next to Boulder called Longmont is renowned for its breathtaking mountain vistas, vibrant restaurant and bar scene, and energetic locals. It is the ideal location for anyone who wants to reside close to the city of Boulder and is named after the iconic mountain Longs Peak.

There are trails that follow St. Vrain Creek as it runs through Longmont. You may also camp, go fishing, and tube along the river. The Rocky Mountains National Park and the Roosevelt National Forest, which provide a wealth of adventure activities, are both conveniently close to the city.

Longmont, Colorado

Some Longmont residents like playing golf and horseback riding as hobbies. Agritourism, a form of festivity centered on agriculture, is popular in the city. Longmont provides many chances if you’re looking for a tech profession. In recent years, the neighborhood has seen a large influx of startups. There are numerous prospects there, particularly for STEM majors.

Longmont’s cost of living has increased, yet it is still cheapest places to live in Colorado than Boulder. Longmont has a typical home value of roughly $400,000. A one-bedroom apartment typically costs $1,300 per month to rent.

9) Golden

Returning to the Front Range, Golden is a wonderful community tucked away in the Rocky Mountain foothills. The former mining settlement, which will have slightly over 20,000 residents in 2020, is well recognized for its historic appeal, Colorado School of Mines, and enormous Coors-Miller Brewing complex.

Golden, Colorado

The city’s lovely downtown area is focused around Clear Creek. Where you might find kayakers and tubers enjoying the whitewater park all summer long. Soaring mesas and mountains surround the area. Golden inhabitants are spoiled with accessibility to many surrounding attractions outside of its already abundant restaurants, activities, and amenities due to the city’s good connections to Denver, Boulder, and other prominent Front Range destinations.

10) Greeley

The University of Northern Colorado, which has programs in music, health, and education, is located in Greeley. This allows for the live performance of music by music professors and others in a few locations throughout the town.

Ninth Street in Greeley is a pedestrian-friendly area with a plaza, restaurants, and bars. Because housing is less expensive than in larger metro regions and there are top-notch medical facilities in town, it is regarded as a fantastic town for retirees.

11) Durango

With roughly 19,000 residents in La Plata County in 2020, Durango has a steadily growing population. This Animas River settlement, which has a rich mining and railroad heritage, is surrounded by untamed San Juan Mountain scenery that has served as the backdrop for numerous Hollywood productions.

Durango, Colorado

This wild west town is, therefore, full of opportunities for gold medal fishing, year-round outdoor sports, and pleasant gastronomic delights, even though you might not locate your favorite department store here. A 20-minute drive east of Durango is Bayfield, which offers more affordable housing alternatives. And it’s still a short drive to this center in Southwest Colorado. You could also drive 30 minutes west to Mancos, which is about halfway between Cortez and much more rural.

The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and Mesa Verde National Park are two of its most popular tourist attractions. While renting a property is often less expensive, residences in Durango are more expensive than the typical cost of homes in Colorado.

12) Fort Morgan

On the eastern plains, there is a little town called Fort Morgan with 11,000 residents. It boasts a 20% lower cost of living than the Colorado average and more reasonably priced housing than many other Colorado communities. Parks and other open areas abound as well.

Fort Morgan is roughly an hour and a half’s drive from Denver, and it takes at least two hours to go to the mountains from Fort Morgan. Contrary to popular belief, Colorado is not a mountainous state; rather, the region around Fort Morgan is made up of flat, grassy plains.

13) Frisco

Like most mountain communities, particularly those close to ski slopes, Frisco heavily depends on tourism for its economy. Due to Frisco’s more affordable rates, many people choose to stay there despite being sandwiched between two sizable ski resorts, Copper Mountain and Breckenridge.

There is always something to do with hiking, biking, and water activities in the summer and snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the winter. A busy main street in downtown Frisco is home to numerous cafes, boutiques, and eateries.

14) Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs is a unique mountain community for the everyday powder skier, offering a high quality of life in exchange for a high cost of living. If you want a little luxury and live and breathe winter sports, you might want to think about moving to this lovely neighborhood that the Routt National Forest surrounds.

With over 13,000 full-time residents, Steamboat Springs is the most populated city in Routt County. At 6,700 feet in elevation and with a bustling downtown area consisting of art galleries, museums, restaurants, and geothermal hot springs. There are a lot of things to see and do around the Yampa River.

15) Fort Collins

More than 960 acres of public parks, more than 20 craft breweries, and more than 200 miles of bike lanes combine to make Fort Collins the best cities to live in Colorado. This young city, where Colorado State University is located, has a median age of 29, and it has a promising future. Fort Collins’ home county of Larimer and adjacent Weld is predicted to grow by 45% by 2030, so now could be an excellent time to buy real estate there.

Fort Collins, Colorado

You won’t have to wait for that investment to improve your quality of life. Fort Collins is the ideal location to experience Colorado’s laid-back lifestyle. Offering everything from rafting on the Cache la Poudre River to sampling the cuisines of more than 70 food trucks. Also, if you want to live the Front Range lifestyle while saving some money, think about moving to Loveland, which is 15 miles from Fort Collins and where, according to Redfin, the typical home price was around $40,000 less as of the end of 2021.

FAQs – Best Place To Live In Colorado

What part of Colorado is the best to live in?

According to U.S. News and World Report, Colorado Springs and Boulder are among the finest locations to live in the country in 2022. Only Huntsville, Alabama, was ranked ahead of Colorado Springs in the overall rankings. The city received ratings of 5.7 for value and 6.4 out of 10 for overall quality of life.

Where is Best Climate in Colorado?

Canon City boasts the greatest weather in all of Colorado. Small-town Canon City is about a two-hour drive from Denver, the state capital of Colorado. The Arkansas River and the Rocky Mountains are nearby, and it is a part of the Royal Gorge region.

Where in Colorado has the least snow?

Colorado’s Grand Junction receives the least amount of snowfall per year.

Best Places to Move in Colorado?

The good quality of life in Colorado has enticed a large number of new residents. Americans have come to the state in record numbers due to the area’s alluring combination of employment prospects, lovely weather, gorgeous landscapes, and a wellness-oriented culture. According to surveys, Colorado Springs and Boulder are among the greatest locations to live in the country.

Is Colorado a Good Place to Live?

This area is regarded as one of the nicest places in the country to reside. A total of 498,879 people live in Colorado. It is the only state with stunning mountains and the 21st most populous state in the United States.

What is it Like to Move to Colorado?

Although the most important element impacting Colorado’s population increase is probably the availability of new jobs. The lifestyle that goes along with them is also quite alluring. The combination of almost 300 days of sunshine and the popularity of physical, outside activities results in an exceptionally healthy and fit populace.

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