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SOHO Originally a manufacturing neighborhood, Soho was saved from being demolished to make way for a highway. Currently, it is the poster neighborhood for urban renewal. Its abundance of cast-iron architecture, high-end shopping, and expensive real estate has made it one of the City's most desired and trendiest neighborhoods. On its busy streets, one can find celebrities, artists, tourists, and the downtown elite. Numerous high-end stores line each block, providing ample shopping opportunities as well as top-notch restaurants that are unrivaled elsewhere. Soho is a bustling, fast-paced, vibrant, and chic neighborhood. Living in Soho ensures that the best of Manhattan is within walking distance.

Are you planning to move here and indulge yourself with the Soho neighborhood NYC? You may check the Soho NYC guide for the fantastic Soho apartments for sale and Soho apartments for rent in NYC. You may look at their exclusive offers and the outstanding features of Soho NYC apartments. Soho NYC Real Estate is more about money. It is your comfortability and home-vibe that matters.

Average rental price point

True one bedroom price is $3,350 True Two Bedroom price $9,857 True 3 bedroom $15,000 Studio $2,695

Average sale price point

True one bedroom price is $1,595,000 True two bedroom price $2,985,000 True three bedroom $5,395,000 Studio $889,500
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