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Located in the western portion, Woodside is a residential and commercial neighborhood in Queens, New York City. The area is surrounded by Maspeth from the south, Jackson Heights from the east, Astoria from the north, and Sunnyside from the west. Woodside is a diverse district in terms of food and drinks and there are many restaurants and pubs here.

Buildings – Flat or Tall?

Woodside is a quiet and residential area and an ideal place for the families. Those looking to make Woodside their homes should know that it is full of two-story semidetached houses whereas the apartment buildings are located on the eastern and southern portion.

Adjacent Neighborhoods

The nearby areas of Woodside include Elmhurst, Astoria, Jackson Heights, Sunnyside and Maspeth.

Demographics & Population

According to the stats of 2010, the population of Woodside was 45,099, a 2.9% change from the population of 2000. Woodside had an area of 649.22 acres and its population density was 69.5 inhabitants per acre. White and Asian make up the most of the population of Woodside and other ethnic groups include African American, Hispanic, Native American and Pacific Islander. According to the stats of 2017, the average household income here was $67,359.


The area was sparsely populated in its early days and before the arrival of Dutch and English. Woodside was known as a place of “marshes, muddy flats and bogs” by the European settlers. In the early 18th century, farmers populated the area and in the 19th century, it became a part of the Town of Newtown. Benjamin W. Hitchcock was responsible for the development of Woodside as a residential neighborhood in 1867. Filled with wide avenues, Woodside built up as an attractive place at the turn of the 21st century.

What’s here?

Just like Sunnyside, Woodside also has a higher education level as 45% of the residents here have a college degree. Some notable private schools of the neighborhood include Saint Sebastian's Elementary School, Corpus Christi Elementary School, Razi School, and Greater New York Academy. It also has a branch of Queens Public Library which is located at 54-22 Skillman Avenue.

If you love parks, you would love Woodside as the area has many parks like Windmuller Park, Big Bush Park, John Vincent Daniels Jr. Square, and Nathan Weidenbaum Playground. With stations at 52nd (local), 61st (express) and 69th Streets (local) on Roosevelt Avenue, the New York City Subway serves Woodside properly.

There are many residents of the area which played a vital role in the social development of the district and some of these people include Edward Burns, Francis Ford Coppola, Evelyn Fox Keller, Frank McCourt, and Thomas J. Pickard. The neighborhoods are incredibly diverse and even though it is historically Irish, there are people from every continent living here, which also means you can get some great food. There is also many supermarkets to buy your groceries, and places to eat! You can just walk to these places since everything is close here.