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39 Apartments for RENT in WEST VILLAGE

West Village

West Village

West Village

Located in Lower Manhattan, NYC, the West Village is a subsection of Greenwich Village. The neighborhood is surrounded by Christopher Street from the south, Hudson River from west, Greenwich Avenue from east and West 14TH Street from north. Residential properties are very expensive in West Village as per square foot cost is $2,100. You will find many old-fashioned townhomes as well as a few newly built condos.  


The local residents fought to preserve the historic integrity of West Village. In the early days, West Village was considered as an important landmark in American Bohemian culture. This area was famous due to its unique and architectural design. In the west side, West Village was a centre of Bohemian lifestyle and the neighbourhood was also known as ‘Little Bohemia’.

The Cherry Lane Theater – New York’s oldest running theatre – was established in West Village in 1924. The Village also hosted the first racially integrated night club named as ‘Café Society’. This night club showcased the talent and skills of African American. Notable performers who perform in the night club are Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, Count Basie, and Sarah Vaughan.

Initiated in 1974, the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade is the world’s largest Halloween parade which takes place in West Village. This parade has more than 100 million TV audience, over 60,000 costumed participants and 2 million spectators.


According to the American Census of 2010, the total population of West Village was 66,880 and with a density of 73,300/sq. mi; 28,300/km2.  The neighbourhood contains 80.9% White, 2% African American and 0.1% Native Americans.


Due to the architecture style, West Village is different from other neighborhoods. You will not find many high-rises but many old-fashioned houses. West Village is also home to many poets and writers. Many famous celebrities like Calvin Klein, Courtney Love, Julia Roberts, and Leonardo DiCaprio have residents in West Village which make this place more valuable and this is one of the many reasons for high rents in this neighbourhood.

If you are in this neighborhood, don’t forget to visit Washington Square Park. The park is a site of first-ever protest film. You will find plenty of restaurants for a healthy meal here including Emily - West Village, and Boucherie West Village.  West Village is jam-packed with the new and historic gems. The West Village played an important role in gay-rights movement as well.  


Buildings – Flat or Tall?

Unlike other Manhattan neighborhood, West Village is full of beautiful smaller townhouses. The high-rises are few and far between.

Check it out

The best place to visit in this neighborhood is The Village Vanguard which is an international jazz club having an 80 year of history. The nights in West Village are full of comedy and music along with crowded restaurants and theatre performances.

If you want to find out the rich and famous in the world, do visit these places:

  • The Waverly Inn & Garden (16 Bank St)
  • The Spotted Pig (314 West 11th St)
  • The Lion (62 West 9th St)
  • Da Silvano (260 6th Ave)
  • Bar Pitti (268 6th Ave)