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478 Apartments for RENT in UPPER MANHATTAN

Upper Manhattan

Upper Manhattan

Upper Manhattan

The park is also host to various events throughout the year. The Upper West Side is home to Lincoln Center, and various upscale restaurants. A little further northwest of Central Park sits the prestigious Columbia University. While students often complain about the "middle of nowhere" location, the campus creates its own unique school atmosphere, and is bordered on the West by Riverside Park, also popular for outdoor activity. Around 178th street is the ramp for G.W. Bridge, and even further up northwest is the Cloisters. The Cloisters, a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is located in Fort Tryon Park. Its medieval architecture and beautiful gardens are its main attractions, drawing history, art, and architecture enthusiasts off the beaten path. Many say it is like being transported to another time, and because of its more remote location, it is less touristy, in both crowd and atmosphere, than other famous New York museums. Upper Manhattan food culture is slowly gaining traction with mainstream consumers, with many chefs choosing to draw inspiration from local ethnic groups, and incubators, like Hot Bread Kitchen, supporting independent bakers.


Neighborhoods are quite diverse, with both the wildly affluent living with a view of Central Park or the Hudson River, Columbia students looking for cheap rent, and families who have resided for several generations. The theory is the further up north, the cheaper the rent. However, areas with direct access to Columbia University, or major attractions like The Cloisters may be a little more expensive and bustling. Gentrification is slowly creeping up north past the Upper East and West Side, and major intersections are just as busy as anywhere else. Different neighborhoods have distinct demographics, the most well known being Harlem, also known as the Black Mecca of the world. The northernmost neighborhoods of Upper Manhattan, Inwood and Washington Heights have a more Suburban feel, with wider streets and more families.