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Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay is a neighborhood in South Brooklyn, New York City. The area is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean from the south, Ocean Parkway from the west, Nostrand Avenue from the east and Kings Highway from the north. The primary zip codes of the district are 11229 and 11235.


According to the US census of 2010, the population of Sheepshead Bay was 64,518 which is 0.1% less as compared to the population of 2010 which was 64,596. The population density of the area was 28,300/sq mi; 10,900/km2 and its total area were 1,459.24 acres. More than 65% of people here are White and other ethnic groups include African American, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander and Hispanic.

Adjacent Neighborhoods

Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach, Gravesend, Midwood, Marine Park, and Gerritson Beach.

Buildings – Flat or tall?

In recent years, Sheepshead Bay has seen the construction of many large condominium buildings. However, most of the buildings here are one or two-family apartments and brick row houses.


The neighborhood got its name from the edible fish found in the bay. In early history, Sheepshead Bay was a fishing community. Manhattan and Brooklyn's residents used this place as a summer destination in the 1840s. Fishing and hunting led to the opening of many restaurants in the area.

In the late 20th century, Sheepshead Bay became a residential area as Jewish and Soviet immigrants moved to the district. The demographics of the Sheepshead Bay changed in 1979 when Lundy’s (a restaurant in Sheepshead Bay) was closed and the Italian and Jewish community of the neighborhood was changed to a diverse community. However, in the 20th century, the restaurant was re-opened as the real estate boom renewed the district.

The restaurant was closed again in 2007 and now a shopping mall has replaced it. Sheepshead Bay has developed a lot in terms of condominium growth and especially on Emmons Avenue.

What’s here?

Education standard in the area is higher as compared to the surrounding areas with 47% of the resident have college degrees. Notable public schools of the Sheepshead Bay are James Madison High School, the Brooklyn Amity School, and JHS 14 Shell Bank Intermediate School. The neighborhood has two branches of the Brooklyn Public Library – one is located at 2636 East 14th Street and the other at 3650 Nostrand Avenue.

B and Q trains of the BMT Brighton Line serve the district. And local buses B3, B4, B36, B44, B44 SBS and B49 also serve the Sheepshead Bay community. The area has seen many notable people and some of those are Stew Albert, Michael A. DiSpezio, Richard Migliore, and Garland Jeffreys. If you are in the town, don’t forget to participate in the Independence Day which is celebrated around New York Harbor.   

Residents of Sheepshead Bay are healthier as compared to the rest of the city and the secret to their success is the excessive use of fruits and vegetables. According to a report of 2018, more than 65% of people described their health as ‘good’ and even ‘excellent’.