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Red Hook

Red Hook

Red Hook

Located in South Brooklyn, Red Hook is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York City. It is bounded by Gowanus Expressway and the Carroll Gardens from the northeast, the Upper New York Bay from the west and the Gowanus Canal from the east. Red Hook was a growing area in early 20th but declined in the following years.

The neighborhood is quite far away from the subway which has kept the area hidden from those living outside Red Hook. It is considered as one of the loveliest quarters in Brooklyn with a rich sense of community.

Buildings – Flat or Tall?

Most of the buildings are largely flat. And those looking for a rental apartment should expect inconvenient access to the city.


As compared to the other areas of Brooklyn, Red Hook is sparsely populated. The population of this neighborhood is 11,000. The average density of the neighborhood is 8,023 people per square mile.

Adjacent Neighborhoods

Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, and the East River.


Since its existence in the 1600s, Red Hook remained a part of Brooklyn. In its early days, the neighborhood was Dutch Farm settled by New Dutch Colonist. From the late 19th century to the present time, people living in the eastern part of Red Hook named it as ‘The Point’.

It was one of the earliest places to be settled in Brooklyn. Red Hook got its name from the red clay soil. The opening of the Atlantic Basin in the 1850s made Red Hook the busiest port in the entire country. After the 1950s, Red Hook saw a major decline with the loss of jobs and population.

But in the next decade, the neighborhood flooded with jobs as shipping went through a dramatic change. The Red Hook Houses – the first Federal Housing projects in the country – were mainly built for the families of dockworkers. Opened in June 2008 Red Hook has a large IKEA store. The Red Hook Star-Revue was the first newspaper of the neighborhood and published for the first time in 2010.  

Public Transport

As discussed earlier, Red Hook is ridiculously away from the city and getting to the other areas is a hefty task. The best feasible option in Red Hook is the New York Water Taxi which has two stops here with free rides on weekends. And for those living further away, Ikea shuttle is the best choice.

What’s here?

Red Hook is known for IKEA stores and newcomers visit the neighborhood for a fairway run. The area offers a rich community, relaxed environment, and scenic views. Visit Jalopy and enjoy the three-in-one facilities of bar, music school and event space. Pay a kind visit to Valentino Pier – a waterfront park – and enjoy the astonishing views of the river. Pile up your picnic supplies at Fairway Market and then enjoy your meal at Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie. In the summer, enjoy the sunset with a drink at Brooklyn Crab. Go on a summer tour with your kids at the Waterfront Museum – which was built in 1914.