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12 Apartments for RENT in NOLITA




Situated in Lower Manhattan, New York City, NoLita is a neighbourhood in the borough of Manhattan. Nolita is derived from ‘North of Little Italy’ and sometimes written as ‘NoLita’. To its north is Chinatown, east is SoHo, west is Lower East Side and south is NoHo. Nolita is a cozy neighbourhood which is filled with art galleries, stylish cafes and shopping malls.

The city is mostly saturated with pre-war buildings and there is no shortage of rental apartments. However, a few high-rises with luxurious amenities are in the building process. Nolita is an ideal place for those working in the neighbourhoods.


Bowery is situated in the neighbourhood of Nolita. While adjacent neighbourhoods are The Lower East Side, SoHo, NoHo, East Village, Little Italy and Chinatown.


As compared to the other areas of Manhattan, Nolita is densely populated and its population is 3 times higher than the average population of the whole city.


Once Nolita was considered as the part of Little Italy but in recent decades it has lost its identity due to rising rents. Labor Day and the Feast of San Gennaro are the popular events in Nolita. In the late 1990s, this place was filled with yuppies and trendy bars. Real estate promoters came with many names for this upscale neighbourhood.

The name stuck in the minds at that time was ‘Nolita’ as mentioned in The New York Times edition of 1996. One major landmark in this neighbourhood is St. Patrick's Old Cathedral which was rebuilt in 1868 after its opening in 1815. Puck Building is another landmark which was built in 1885. Initially, this building was headquarter of Puck magazine.

Nolita (North of Little Italy) was the third official acronym given to a neighbourhood in New York. The first two were SoHo (South Houston) and TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal). The closest area to Nolita is Bowery and these two are surrounded by Lafayette Street from west.

What’s here?

The friendly and quaint environment of Nolita invites you to take a deep breath and relax. The vibrant energy in the air of this neighbourhood says that life should be a bit simpler. Filled with trendy restaurants, bars, art galleries and stylish sidewalk cafes, Nolita is an ideal place for the tourists.

Nolita residents often talk to each other on the streets and there is a feeling of sympathy around the corner of streets. The welcoming environment and friendly people make this place a true community in the centre of the city.

Narrow streets and outdoor seating make this place a photograph and before noon, this place looks like a background of a film set. The empty streets suddenly become the playground for the commuters where they can ride free to the neighbourhoods.

For fashion followers, Nolita is heaven as there are many fashion-forward boutiques. You can find designer shops like Rag & Bone and Vince in Nolita. Art galleries will keep you interested too. Other than art and fashion, another thing that makes this place attractive is food.

At any time of the day, Nolita offers a wide range of eatery options. People from the nearby places head to Nolita for a good meal.