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60 Apartments for RENT in MIDTOWN EAST

Midtown East

Midtown East

Midtown East

Midtown East is one of the most popular commercial and retail neighborhoods in Manhattan, New York. The density of the population changes with the time of the day and the population shrinks to 75% in non-business days. The neighborhood is convenient for everything and one of prettiest areas in Manhattan.

Times Square is at walking distance, all subway lines are nearby, luxury clothing brands are within the reach and all the expensive restaurants remain open once customers go home. Midtown East is famous for the Empire State Building – the longest building in NYC.  


Just like other Manhattan neighborhoods, Midtown East was home to family forms in the early days. Most notable family of this area was Dutch Beekman family who purchased most part of present-day neighborhood and built a generous state.

In the late 19th and early 20th century, many slaughterhouses, factories and breweries opened here. The neighborhood which was once an area of wealthy families became a home for German and Irish immigrants.

Due to easy access and central location, Midtown East became a hub of commercial and retail centres in 20th century. The tallest building of the world ‘The Chrysler Building’ opened in 1930 is located here but later the title was snatched by the Empire State Building.


Midtown East represents the American history with some iconic buildings including the Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal, the NY Public Library, the MetLife Building, the United Nations and the Chrysler building.

Buildings – Flat or Tall?

Most of the buildings here are high-rises and facilities in the condos are top-notch. The neighborhood is home to the city’s most expensive buildings. To the east, you will find brownstones and townhouses.


For parks lover, the neighborhood offers plenty of options like Paley Park and Greenacre Park. Look towards sky and enjoy the skyscrapers like Citigroup Center, Daily News Building, MetLife Building and many more. Look deeper into history of Midtown East with a visit to historic buildings including St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

In Christmas days, walk around 5th Avenue and see how beautiful street shops and stores are. For foodies, there are numerous options here. Head towards Dos Caminos and enjoy the Mexican foods or visit nearby Ess’a Bagel to taste best bagels in NYC. Asian food lovers can spend some time at Tao while Vietnamese can go to VietHaven.   

For shopping lovers, the neighborhood is heaven especially from 42nd to 60th streets. Popular stores in these streets are Armani Exchange, Niketown, Gucci, NBA Store and Versace. You will find largest jewellery district on 47th street. Every diamond sold in America first passes through this district. The reputation of jewellery dealers here is quite incredible as contracts of million dollars are done with just a handshake.    

Check It Out

On Lexington Ave is Little India, so if you are in this area must dine in here. Another must-see in Midtown East is Peter Detmold Park located on the East River. At least have an inside view of tallest building the Empire State. ‘Annual Christmas Tree’ lightening event is held every year in Rockefeller Center, participate in it and have fun.